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Professor Brian Kirby


Professor Brian P. Kirby BSc(Pharm), PhD, MSc(LMD), Dip QC, MPSI
Interim Head of School / Associate Professor in Pharmacology
Tel: +353 1 402 5121

Brian Kirby is a pharmacy graduate and scholar of Trinity College, Dublin and went on to complete a PhD in neuropharmacology with Prof G Shaw in TCD. Following this he undertook post-doctoral research in the University of Oxford, investigating novel treatments for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases with Prof JNP Rawlins (Experimental Psychology) and Prof S Greenfield (Pharmacology).
He joined RCSI in 2003 and established the pharmacology teaching within the School of Pharmacy. In 2007, Prof Kirby was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology within the School of Pharmacy and subsequently completed a Masters in leadership and management. Prof Kirby also has close links with the Addiction Services Department of the HSE and has worked in the areas of addiction treatment for many years.
In 2011, Prof Kirby was seconded to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as the foundation lead in clinical pharmacology in the new RCSI Medical School at Perdana University. While in Malaysia Prof Kirby contributed to the establishment of the new medical school and developed collaborative research with other research institutes in Malaysia. Prof Kirby returned from Malaysia in 2014 and was promoted to Associate Professor of Pharmacology in the RCSI School of Pharmacy in 2016.
In 2017, Prof Kirby was appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Universiti Putra Malaysia, where he has significant research collaboration.
In October 2018, Prof Kirby was appointed the Interim Head of the RCSI School of Pharmacy.

Research Interests
Schizophrenia - Development of novel models for schizophrenia
The neural basis of learning and memory
Central drug delivery
Treatment of opiate dependence 

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