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Dr Ben Ryan

 Ben Ryan

Dr Ben Ryan BA(Mod), BSc(Pharm), PgDip(Stats), PgDip(QI), PgDip(Health Prof Ed), MPharm, PhD, MPSI
Lecturer in Pharmacology
Tel : +353 1 402 2727

Ben Ryan is a graduate in Pharmacy from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Previously, he was awarded a BA(Mod) Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin and subsequently a PhD in Neuropharmacology investigating the effects of stress on synaptic plasticity in vivo. He was appointed as a Research Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy in 2010, focusing on the development and commercialisation of novel drug delivery technologies and as Lecturer in Pharmacology in 2011.

Research Interests
Synaptic Plasticity
Learning & Memory
Animal models of Stress & Depression
Behavioural Neuroscience
Drug Delivery to the CNS
In-vivo evaluation of novel drug delivery technologies

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