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Mr Mirza Catibusic

 Ms Mirza Catibusic

Mr Mirza Catibusic
Senior Pharmaceutical Assessor, Health Products Regulatory Authority,
Honorary Lecturer

Mr Mirza Catibusic has 25+ years of experience in the quality and regulation of Medicines. He graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from the Pharmaceutical Faculty (College of Pharmacy), University of Sarajevo, in 1991. Mr Catibusic then joined the Institute for Quality Control of Medicines of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and was Head of Pharmacopoeia Department. He joined the Health Product Regulatory Authority (HPRA), previously Irish Medicines Board - IMB in 2002 and is currently a senior pharmaceutical assessor and a lead quality assessor for management, scientific review and assessment of new marketing authorisation applications at European level with Ireland as lead member state (RMS/Rapp/Co-Rapp). Mr Catibusic is listed in the EMA list of European Experts and he is a member (Irish delegate) of the European Pharmacopeia Commission (since 2004).