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Tuesday, 13th May 2008-Come to Your Senses with RCSI, a Science Workshop for Primary School Teachers

13 May 2008

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) held a ‘Come to Your Senses’ workshop for primary school teachers today. The programme aims to promote ‘learning through doing’ and encourages teachers to develop their confidence and enthusiasm for science education in their own classroom. The workshop is being run as part of the RCSI REACH (Recreation, Education and Community Health) programme.

Pictured are the primary school teachers from St. Enda's primary school, Whitefriar Street and Presentation Convent, Warrenmount with Dr. Maria Morgan (front row, far left); RCSI Deputy CEO Dr. Terry McWade (front row, second from left), Ms. Maria Kelly (front row, second from right); Dr. Marc Devocelle, (front row, far right) and Dr. Kenny Winser (back row, second from right).  

Teachers from St. Enda’s primary school, Whitefriar Street and the Presentation Convent, Warrenmount will participate in the workshops. The programme will use the theme of the five senses to introduce some basic scientific concepts, combined with hands on experience of classroom activities and experiments, all relevant to the four strands of the science curriculum.

Dr. Kenny Winser, RCSI who hosted the 'Sight' workshop.

The workshops will be hosted by RCSI staff members including Dr. Kenny Winser (‘Sight’ workshop); Dr. Marc Devocelle (‘Taste’ and ‘Smell’ workshops); Dr. Maria Morgan (‘Touch’ and ‘Smell’ workshops) and Dr. Jackie Daly (‘Hearing’ workshop). Eric Clarke set up the Moodle site as a post-course support for the teachers. Introduced in 2005, Moodle is a virtual learning environment that enables students to access all curricular data and learning materials such as lecture notes and interactive based tutorials.

Pictured from l to r are Dr. Terry McWade, Deputy CEO; Dr. Maria Morgan, RCSI; Dr. Marc Devocelle, RCSI; Ms. Maria Kelly, REACH RCSI project manager; Ms. Wilma Browner, St. Endas; Ms. Elaine Conroy, Warrenmount and Ms. Olivia Lindon, Warrenmount.   

Maria Kelly, REACH project manager said “The workshops will introduce primary school teachers to alternative, hands-on and fun ways of teaching science to children. They ultimately aim to enhance the teaching of science in primary schools and encourage more children to take a greater interest in the subject.”

Pictured from l to r are Ms. Norma Hanrahan, Warrenmount; Ms. Jacinta Mannion, Warrenmount; Ms. Susan Doyle, Warrenmount and Ms. Elaine Wellwood, Warrenmount.  

An innovative programme, REACH stands for Recreation, Education and Community Health. It is a unique initiative that aims to increase third level participation rates and enhance life chances for those students from socio- economically disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly those from the South Inner City.

Dr. Kenny Winser and Ms. Susan Doyle, Warrenmount.

Pictured from l to r are Ms. Catherine Martin, St. Endas; Mr. Padraig Hurley, St. Endas; Ms. Casha Dwyer, St. Endas; Ms. Wilma Browner, St. Endas and Ms. Deirdre Macken, St. Endas.