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Thursday, 10th May 2007 - Imaging studies in RCSIs Molecular & Cellular Therapeutics make the front cover of Biological Psychiatry

10 May 2007

Researchers in RCSIs Molecular & Cellular Therapeutics (MCT) have recently published important new findings on the biology of schizophrenia in the distinguished US journal Biological Psychiatry. Dr. Robin Hennessy, Director of Morphometrics, and his colleagues have reported some of the first direct evidence for disruption to intrauterine development in the early origins of schizophrenia, using 3D laser surface imaging of craniofacial structures. Indeed, this work was so highly thought of that it has been featured on the front cover of the journal. This reflects both the scientific significance of the work and striking, technically novel 3-dimensional analyses and visualisations of alterations in human craniofacial shape in developmental disorders.

Please click on Summary  to see a summary of the study ‘Three-Dimensional Laser Surface Imaging and Geometric Morphometrics Resolve Frontonasal Dysmorphology in Schizophrenia.’ To view the full text and links please view Full Text and Link.