Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

RCSI Rolls Out Student Information System

03 November 2006

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland today announced the development of a Student Information System with database administration specialists, TeamDBA. Based on Microsoft SQLServer and a user-friendly web front end, the system currently tracks and manages the profiles of over 2,500 postgraduate surgical training students and provides a stable and secure platform for the college's future growth and expansion.

Pictured l-r announcing the development of a new student information system for the RCSI are; Jed Glover, Managing Director, TeamDBA; Dustin Thurgood, Chief Technology Officer, RCSI; and Victor Gannon, Managing Director, Fitzpatrick Software Development.

The Student Information System is used on a daily basis as the main data source for all staff in the surgical training office for viewing, inputting and reporting data. It combines data from eight stand-alone Access databases, which had been previously maintained by staff in separate departments. By providing a single repository for all information, it consistently tracks the full history of each student from initial application to ongoing assessments by tutors and doctors. TeamDBA also provided technical consultancy on integration of a third-party application which tracks students clinical rotations.

The completion of this important project allows us to greatly improve business processes within Surgical Training,explained Dustin Thurgood, chief technology officer, RCSI. We have a long working relationship with TeamDBA as they have maintained our Agresso Financial Systems for some time now he added.

The system provides the RCSI with dependable and secure control over student records,explains Jed Glover, managing director, TeamDBA. “It meets all the criteria laid down by the RCSI at the outset of the project.

• Consistency
A single repository for data allowing records to be updated centrally.

• Security
Allowing IT staff to set role-based access to records for permanent or temporary staff.

• Dependability
Providing a facility to supplement the data with knowledge and experience of present staff, which will be available to future employees.

• Rich functionality
Meeting the reporting requirements of the college and allowing RCSI staff to utilise information more effectively and efficiently

The web front-end was developed by Fitzpatrick Software Development (FSD) using the very latest Microsoft technologies and fits seamlessly with the RCSI's existing Intranet. We worked closely with TeamDBA to develop a high end web application within a very short period of time,explains Victor Gannon, managing director, Fitzpatrick Software Development.The result is a user-friendly application that will meet the needs of the RCSI today and into the future,he said.