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Strategies for Success to be explored at Postgraduate Career Days

17 September 2014

A Postgraduate Career Days event entitled ‘Strategies for Success' which will explore career options, networking and empowering the online persona, hosted by the RCSI School of Postgraduate Studies begins in the College today. The aim of this Health Research Board funded event, which continues until Thursday, is to help postgraduate students to identify their strengths and see a diverse range of careers beyond academia.

Two international speakers will deliver keynote addresses as part of the programme. On Thursday at 10am Diana Garnham, Chief Executive of the Science UK Council will speak on the topic ‘Ten Types of Scientist' followed by an addresses by Dr Adam Ruben, Writer, Comedian, and Molecular Biologist at Johns Hopkins University, USA, entitled ‘Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School' which takes place at 15.30.

Workshops taking place as part of the event include ‘Imposter Syndrome Secrets - How to Feel as Good as They Think' and ‘Saying No Positively' facilitated by Dr Margaret Collins, Teaching for Universities (TFU), UK. Interactive workshops on ‘Effective Networking: Face-to-Face & Social Media' will be facilitated by Dr Clare Gubbins, Business School, DCU; Ms Grainne McCabe, Library, RCSI; Ms Jane Burns, Health Professions Education Centre, RCSI.

Professor Niamh Moran, Head of the RCSI School of Postgraduate studies said: ‘The Postgraduate Career Days creates an ideal platform for postgraduate students to interact with their peers and to hear from the world class speakers with impressive careers in policy making sector, research and entertainment. The diverse keynote talks and interactive workshops focusing on effective face-to-face, online networking and communication skills will guide the participants on the wide range of strategies that they can draw on to further their careers'.

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