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Watch the final RCSI MiniMed 2013/14 lecture series videos

09 April 2014
The RCSI MiniMed Open Lecture Series 2013/14 came to a pharmacy-themed conclusion on the 26th March with lectures by Professor Paul Gallagher and Matthew Lynch. These talks covered the topics of ‘Potions, Lotions and Health Promotion - What can my pharmacist do for me?', as well as ‘Generic Medicines and Internet Pharmacies'.
Prof Gallagher's lecture illustrates the role of the pharmacist in modern healthcare delivery and how pharmacists can make a make a valuable contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of the Irish people and their families. Matthew Lynch discusses two topical issues in the world of pharmacy, which are the subjects of generic medicines and internet pharmacies. These pharmacy lectures ran parallel to a ‘brown bag' event at RCSI, where members of the public to bring their medication and supplements to an appointment with an RCSI pharmacist. This initiative was co-ordinated by Michelle Flood in the School of Pharmacy.
Click the images below to view the lectures.

'Potions, Lotions and Health Promotion - What can my Pharmacist do for me?'
Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of School of Pharmacy, RCSI

'Generic Medicines and Internet Pharmacies'
Matthew Lynch, Lecturer in School of Pharmacy, RCSI

These lectures brought the 2013/2014 RCSI MiniMed series to a close. You can view the full lecture series on the RCSI YouTube Channel. A new series of lectures will commence in the Autumn.