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Breast Cancer Ireland team up with Katie Taylor to give women a Fighting Chance with free ‘Breast Aware' app

06 February 2014

Breast Cancer Ireland, based at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) has teamed up with World and Olympic Boxing Champion Katie Taylor to launch an awareness campaign, encouraging women of all ages, to download a free app ‘Breast Aware'. This app provides women with a discreet monthly reminder and a step-by-step guide on how to perform their self-breast examination to their phone.

Katie has teamed up with BCI to Beat Cancer!

The campaign is targeting women of all ages, but importantly those in their 20s, 30s and 40s to be breast aware, reminding them to check their breasts at the same time every month so that they know what is normal for them and can spot changes early.

Professor Arnold Hill, Chairman of Breast Cancer Ireland (also Head of the School of Medicine and Department of Surgery at RCSI) said ‘We know from studies that breast cancer if detected early has a much more positive survival outcome. Our hope is that by encouraging women to become breast aware from an early age, they will be more familiar with the natural changes in their breasts throughout their monthly cycle, and they will in turn recognise any abnormalities should they arise.'

He continued ‘The new iPhone and Android app outlines various symptoms that can present and while most will never experience an abnormality, those that do should contact their GP who in turn will take the most appropriate course of action. This app is a great educational tool, and as we have seen from international research into breast cancer, those that are more informed about their bodies have much more positive treatment outcomes.'

Aisling Hurley, Director of Development at Breast Cancer Ireland also commented, ‘We are delighted to have Katie Taylor on board as she is an important role model for young women. As a boxer her hands have protected her and our campaign is challenging women to strengthen their own hands in the fight against cancer.'

Katie will be joined by Breast Cancer Ireland Ambassadors, Emma Hannigan, Nicola Turley, Paula McClean, Lisa Convey and Anne Eble who will be seen in a TV and digital campaign which kicked off on February 4th. You can watch the TV ad here. Breast Cancer Ireland (BCI) is a charity set up to raise money for breast cancer research. It is administered through RCSI under the direction of Professor Arnold Hill.