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International stroke experts address ASPIRE-S seminar

09 January 2014

Experts in stroke prevention and rehabilitation from Ireland and abroad took part in a research seminar on Secondary Prevention and Rehabilitation in Stroke which took place today at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).

The event was hosted by the RCSI Departments of Geriatric and Stroke Medicine and Psychology with support from by the Health Research Board through a Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) Grant.

The seminar included the presentation of findings from the RCSI-led ASPIRE-S Study (Action on Secondary Prevention Interventions and Rehabilitation in Stroke). This study is providing important information, which was previously unavailable in Ireland, on the management of stroke patients at home, which will help to inform a future strategy on the management of stroke in the community.

ASPIRE-S Lead Researcher, Professor David Williams, Head of Department of Geriatric and Stroke Medicine said: 'Stroke is the third leading cause of death and leading cause of acquired disability in Ireland. The ASPIRE-S study is the first to assess secondary prevention interventions and adequacy of community rehabilitation interventions post-stroke in Ireland. We are delighted to be joined today by the international speakers who will share their expertise alongside the ASPIRE-S Research Team.'

ASPIRE-S Research Team members speaking at the event along with Professor Williams were Professor Anne Hickey, Department of Psychology, RCSI; Dr. Linda Brewer, ASPIRE-S Consultant Geriatrician; Dr. Frances Horgan, Department of Physiotherapy, RCSI and Lisa Mellon, Department of Psychology, RCSI.

The international keynote speakers were Professor Peter Langhorne, Professor of Stroke Care, University of Glasgow who spoke on the topic 'Stroke Rehabilitation'; Professor Charles Wolfe, Professor of Public Health, Kings College London who delivered an address on 'Cognition in stroke'; and Dr. Kornelia Kotseva, Chair of EUROASPIRE IV, Imperial College London who discussed a European study on the use of cardioprotective drug therapies in patients with coronary heart disease.

The event was opened by Mr. Enda Connolly, Chief Executive Officer, Health Research Board and the closing address was delivered by Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, RCSI.

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Pictured (l-r, back row) Dr Kornelia Kotseva, Imperial College London; Dr. Eamon Dolan, ASPIRE-S; Professor Peter Langhorne, University of Glasgow; (middle row) Dr Linda Brewer, ASPIRE-S; Professor Charles Wolfe, Kings College London; Professor Emer Shelley ASPIRE-S; Professor Anne Hickey, ASPIRE-S (front row) Carlos Bruen ASPIRE-S; Patricia Hall, ASPIRE-S; Dr Frances Horgan, ASPIRE-S; Lisa Mellon, ASPIRE-S; Professor David Williams, ASPIRE-S.