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"A Day in the Life of the RCSI Graduate Entry Programme Student” Open Day 2012.

05 November 2012
The RCSI Graduate Entry Programme (GEP) Open Day took place at Connolly Hospital on Saturday, 3rd November 2012. A total of 57 potential GEP students, from a diverse range of academic backgrounds, attended the Open Day. The format of the day was based around small group interactive sessions which provided the participants with the opportunity to experience ‘a day in the life' of an RCSI GEP Student. 

Participants in the GEP Open Day learn how to check blood pressure
The event was opened by Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences who welcomed the attendees. Professor McGee provided an overview of RCSI, followed by Professor Seamus Sreenan, Director of GEP, who introduced RCSI participants and the format of the day. This was followed by a series of short talks regarding the GEP programme, RCSI facilities, the structure and style of the curriculum as well as details of the application process and bank loan facilities presented by Professor Sreenan and Ms Céleste Golden, EU Admissions Officer, RCSI.
The theme for the day was cardiology and Professor Jim O'Neill, Consultant Cardiologist at Connolly Hospital, introduced a heart transplant patient to the attendees in the style of the "case of the week"; a weekly clinical case presented each Monday during the first two years of the programme and which informs the teaching for the week. The case was followed by a series of small group interactive sessions.

Pictured (back row l-r) are David Johnson, Cassandra Townsend, Neil Fennelly, Daniel Hardiman, Jamie McDonald, Dr Ibrahim Yearoo, Eric Clarke and Prof. Seamus Sreenan. Pictured (front row l-r) are Sean Flynn, Louise Murphy, Aoife Green, Sharon Kennedy, Mary Burke and Dr Asiya Sulieman.
Dr Ibrahim Yearoo, Cardiology Registrar introduced the prospective students to Diagnostic Investigations, which provided an introduction to basic clinical skills with an emphasis on cardiology including echocardiography.

Other break-out sessions included an introduction to how the RCSI Virtual Learning Environment 'Moodle' supports learning in the programme, delivered by Mr. Eric Clarke, Lecturer in Health Informatics at RCSI and a session focusing on the importance of good communication skills to clinical practice, given by Dr Asiya Suleiman, GEP Clinical Tutor and RCSI Graduate. Attendees also met current GEP students for 30 minute discussion sessions. 

Participants in the GEP Open Day.

After lunch, Dr Martin Rourke, (RCSI GEP Graduate) presented and discussed the transition from Medical Student to Internship.

The GEP Open Day concluded with a question and answer session. Attendees had the opportunity to address their questions regarding the process of application, loan facilities and medicine as a career with Professor Sreenan, Dr Rourke and Ms Golden.

Pictured (back row l-r) are Prof. Jim O'Neill, Consultant Cardiologist; Prof. Seamus Sreenan, Director of GEP; Eric Clarke, Lecturer in Health Informatics; David Johnson GEP Student; and Céleste Golden, Admissions Officer, RCSI. Pictured (front row l-r) Dr Asiya Sulieman, GEP Clinical Tutor; Ms Aisling Gaffney, RCSI GEP Connolly; and Prof. Hannah McGee, Dean of Medical Faculty, RCSI.
Open Days are important showpiece events for RCSI and no doubt result in many students deciding that medicine, and more specifically, RCSI GEP is for them. GEP Open Days undoubtedly contribute to the success of the programme which was recognised in 2010 by unconditional accreditation by the Irish Medical Council to 2013.

The GEP Open Day evaluation was very positive with some feedback comments below:

"Very well designed. Virtual learning Environment was appreciated. Great inspirational aspect regarding listening to students enrolled in the programme. Experiencing a real patient and his connection to his doctor was also unexpectedly inspirational. Very useful specific information."

"It was very informative, interesting and I enjoyed it. I really appreciated meeting the patient and getting the opportunity to speak to current and past students.

"Really fantastic, excellently organised and provides all the info I could want. The structure and planning of the day is evident and very reassuring."

"Student / Intern perspectives were very useful. Small groups allowed proper discussion. Great".

"No comment, just thanks. Other colleges don't offer this service."

"It was great hearing from current GEP students and being able to ask them questions..."

"Very happy with the day - very informative and addressed all questions I had".

Loved it! I feel like I now have the information to work with and goals to aspire to."

Thank you most sincerely for today - I found every aspect of the day incredibly helpful and am very excited about the prospect of pursuing a career in medicine".

Lunchtime at the GEP Open Day

The next Graduate Entry Programme Open Day will take place on Saturday January 12th 2013.
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