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Mercer’s Medical Centre to provide free health checks for local community

21 August 2012
The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) will provide free medical checks for members of the local community today, through Mercer's Medical Centre. The initiative is part of RCSI's REACH programme which promotes Recreation, Education and Community Health.


The medical checks will screen for a range of illnesses including diabetes and high cholesterol, as well as checking BMI and blood pressure. Over 50 members of the local community will take part in the initiative.

Dr Kilian McGrogan, Mercer's Medical Centre said "There are a small percentage of people who go for regular check-ups but the majority of people only attend the doctor when they are ill. It is hoped an initiative such as this will encourage people to see their doctor more regularly for health check ups as disease prevention and early intervention encourages people to take a more active interest in their health and can make a positive difference."