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To Mongolia and Back Again - Team Omega 3 returns to Ireland

20 August 2012

RCSI team achieves second place in charity rally

Over 4000 miles and many adventures later, third year RCSI medical students Robin McManus, Grant Dawson and Tristram Hills, who took part in Go Help's Mongolia Charity Rally this summer, have returned safe and sound to the shores of the Emerald Isle.

The Omega 3 
Pictured in Mongolia during the charity rally are RCSI Medical Students Tristram Hills, Robin McManus and Grant Dawson

The team left Ireland on the evening of 6th July and made it to Ulan Bator some 5 weeks later. Their journey took them through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Russia before reaching the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Robin McManus commented: "We had a wonderful time and met so many friendly people on the way. It was the experience of a life time". The team came second in the charity rally and were awarded with trophies representing a Mongolian warrior in traditional costume.

Trophies awarded to Team Omega 3

Commenting on their achievement, Corriena Brien, Student Services manager, stated "I was relieved to see them walk in through the door this week. Their trip was arduous and not without challenges. We have all been astounded by the amazing stories they had to tell." In addition, she added "We are very proud of Robin, Tristram and Grant. They are wonderful representatives of the charitable spirit of our students".

You can find out more about their amazing journey on Team Omega 3's Facebook page.

Omega 3
Pictured (l-r) are Team Omega 3: RCSI Medical Students Grant Dawson, Tristram Hills and Robin McManus in Dublin prior to their departure.