Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Rationalisation of the hospital service & rationalisation of surgical training explored at annual RCSI Millin Meeting

11 November 2011

Rationalisation of the hospital service and rationalisation of surgical training are two topics being explored at the annual RCSI Millin Meeting which is being held today in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. More than 120 surgeons and surgical trainees will attend the day long conference and presentations will be given by leading consultants, the Department of Health and the Irish Medical Council.

Millin - R Reznick

(L-R) Mr Joseph Duignan Council Member RCSI and Citator, Prof Eilis McGovern President RCSI, Dr Richard Reznick Honorary Fellow, Prof Cathal Kelly Registrar/CEO RCSI  


(L-R) Mr. Emmanuel Equare, Mr. Karl Sweeney, Mr. Barry Lane

Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer will give the first lecture of the day, providing a strategic overview of the changes taking place within hospitals. This will be followed by reports of personal experiences from surgeons involved in the change process within their local hospitals as well as looking at the surgical specialities in light of rationalisation of hospital services.

Millin Meeting

(L-R) Dr Eva Doherty, Prof. Sean Tierney


Enda Mulvany, Covidien; David Murray, Covidien, Mr. Peter Murchan, Consultant Surgeon


(L-R) Paul Ridgway, Christine Buckley, Brian Barry

Professor John MacFie, President of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland will open the second part of the conference, focusing on the rationalisation of surgical training and exploring the definition of the end-point of training. Professor Richard Reznick, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Queens University will give a lecture entitled ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper...Pick Two'. This lecture explores the concept that nowadays, you can't have all three; therefore a doctor must pick the two that work best for their organization. Professor Reznick was also awarded an Honorary Fellowship of RCSI.

Millin F Smith

(L-R) Prof Eilis McGovern, RCSI President, Mr. Fraser Smith, Prof Cathal Kelly, RCSI CEO

Professor Eilis McGovern, President, RCSI said ‘The rationalisation of the hospital services and rationalisation of surgical training are both countrywide topics which are currently being reviewed by the Department of Health & Children. Addressing these two issues at the Millin meeting, provides surgeons with the opportunity to hear first hand from their colleagues the implications of the changes taking place. Additionally, the Fellowship Feedback Session gives surgeons with opportunity to provide feedback on topics such as the Elective Surgery Programme.'


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