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New clubs launched at Sports and Societies Sign Up Day

29 September 2011
On the 29th September, 36 Sports teams and 35 Societies attended the annual RCSI Sign Up Day.

Sports and Societies

The RCSI Drama Society

With the teams eager to set up for the 3pm start time and get their respective sport or society to the forefront it was all hands on deck, literally for the Kitesurfing club! They are one of the newest sports clubs here at the College along with Cycling and Equestrian and join new societies like Friends of Médécins Sans Frontieres and the RCSI Choral Society as well as charitable Societies like UNICEF and St Vincent de Paul, helping those in need both at home and abroad.

Sports and Societies

RCSI Caribbean African Society

The new students came pouring in from 3pm right until 7pm, this extended time also allowed returning students the chance to sign up for any activities or clubs that they were yet to try their hand at in the College.

Sports and Societies


The Sports Union President, William Whyte, said "It is great to see everyone here representing their teams. There is always a buzz around the Exam Hall on Sign Up Day but this year it seems to be on a different level". Eamon O'Ceallaigh from Societies Union also had a little bit to add, he said "Seeing all of the Societies here is great, this day is what makes the Societies what they are throughout the year. Everyone has got on great today with plenty of people showing an interest".