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Kiran Pathak Scholarship supporting students to study Pharmacy

25 August 2011

10th Anniversary of Pharmacist who inspired Pharmacy Scholarship Fund takes place

The Kiran Pathak Fund is currently enabling three students to study Pharmacy at RCSI through the Scholarship Programme which was established to offer the opportunity to students who, due to social exclusion, may otherwise find their aspiration to study Pharmacy difficult to realise. The first Scholarship recipient is due to graduate next year.  A further three students received financial support due to exceptional circumstances and a further scholarship is due to be awarded next month for the academic year 2011/12. 

A memorial service to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of Kiran Pathak, MPSI, and his family took place this month. The Kiran Pathak Fund was established in 2005 in honour of Kiran, and his family by Paddy Digan, who is Chairman of the Fund.

Kiran Pathak memorial
Pictured at the 10 Year Memorial Service for Kiran Pathak and his family are (l-r) (back row) Aseem Pathak, Dr Sundar Pathak, Dr Usha Pathak, Marie McGreal, Development Office, RCSI (front row) Rohun and Kavi Pathak.

“Education plays a significant role in the life of an individual and a community.  Through the Kiran Pathak Fund and the REACH RCSI programme, RCSI is keen to promote social inclusion by facilitating access to educational opportunities that will in turn, lead to a society of a more equitable composition,” said Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of School of Pharmacy, RCSI.

REACH RCSI is a recreational, education and community health outreach programme at RCSI.
In recognition of the support received through the Kiran Pathak Fund and the interest shown by the Pathak Family, Professors John Kelly and Paul Gallagher re-named the Pharmacy Practice Laboratory to the Kiran Pathak Pharmacy Practice Laboratory.  This laboratory is a large and well equipped teaching resource for staff and students in the School of Pharmacy at RCSI. 

The memorial service to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of Kiran Pathak and his family was held on 5th August last at the Hindu Cultural Society in North Finchley, London.  Kiran (42), along with his wife Marguerite (37), and sons Sachin (8) and Rohun (5) all perished when their hired fishing boat capsized whilst on holiday in Mombasa, Kenya in 2001.

Family and friends joined a large congregation to remember Kiran and his family.  Some of those in attendance included Paddy Digan, Chairman of the Kiran Pathak Fund and Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of the School of Pharmacy, RCSI

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