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RCSI endorses Medical Council's call for Medical Assessors to support Performance Procedures

30 June 2011

The Medical Council is establishing new procedures to work with doctors who are the subject of concerns regarding performance. RCSI supports the concept of non-punitive assessment and the provision of appropriate remediation. These procedures will include an assessment of performance to understand the cause of concern and to provide a basis to address these concerns that will protect the public and support doctors in the pursuit of good professional practice.

The Medical Council is seeking medical practitioners in a number of disciplines to be part of the Medical Council assessor panel for its performance procedures. RCSI have been asked to bring this to the attention of Fellows/Members and encourage medical practitioners to put their name forward to act as an Assessor. To begin this process, the Medical Council has have selected General Surgery and Trauma & Orthopaedics.

Assessors will be asked to conduct a variable number of assessments, depending on the type of concerns raised with the Medical Council during a given year.

Successful applicants will work as part of a small assessment team to conduct performance assessments. These assessments will provide an independent view on the performance of the doctor, within the wider context of their practice, identify satisfactory practice and any areas of concern, identify factors that may be contributing to these concerns, and make recommendations for addressing any difficulties identified. Your work as an assessor will help to protect the public and to support doctors in the pursuit of good professional practice.

Before requesting an application pack, please ensure you meet the following criteria:
You have significant experience in your field of practice

  • You are currently or recently working in clinical practice
  • You are in good standing with the Medical Council (and any other professional regulator and/or professional body with which you are associated)
  • You are familiar with the principles of assessment, audit and review with experience of judging the performance of a peer (for example as an assessor, reviewer or examiner)
  • You have proven report writing skills

The Medical Council will provide successful applicants with specialised training and following completion of this process, a panel of assessors will be established. Professional fees, travel and expenses will be payable to assessors who conduct performance assessments.

Further information is available at:

For an application pack and further information please email:

Closing date for completed applications: noon, 22nd July 2011