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Congratulations to the winners of the first RCSI International Citizenship Award

04 May 2016

The RCSI International Citizenship Award programme has been established to encourage students to develop the attributes required to show healthcare leadership in the mixed cultural and social settings that will be the norm in their future careers.


 International Citizenship Awards Winners

The RCSI International Citizenship Award programme empowers students to avail of the rich multi-cultural opportunities for self-development through enriching extracurricular activities, interacting with others from diverse backgrounds, and formally reflecting on their personal development through these activities, supported by staff mentors. 

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  International Citizenship Resize

An illustration depicting the uniquely international education setting that is RCSI
Designed & illustrated by Dr. Eoin Kelleher, RCSI Graduate & Valedictorian (2014)
Unveiled at the launch and inaugural awards ceremony of the RCSI International Citizenship Programme (April 2016)