Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Fresher's Week 2017

09 September 2017



Fresher's Week, which is hosted annually by the RCSI Student Union, started on Monday,4th September when over 500 new students were welcomed by staff and ongoing students alike. After an intense day of induction and orientation events, it was time to relax. The President's Reception on Monday evening was well attended by new students, parents, family members, and friends. This was followed by an SU event, where everyone enjoyed a slice or two of pizza, before heading out on the Grafton Mile.


Tuesday evening was another great evening with a games night by the RCSI Islamic Society (ISOC) this was a good opportunity to meet, mingle and make new friends. Irish soc hosted their County Colours event in Diceys. On Wednesday all the Clubs and Societies came out in force for the Clubs and Socs Sign up Day. This was hosted in the New Sports Hall of No. 26 York Street. Clubs and Societies had the opportunity to encourage freshers and ongoing students to get involved in their events and activities throughout the year. As always the Sports Hall was buzzing and the clubs and socs put on a great show. That night CIMSA hosted their Fire and Ice Night in Everleigh Gardens.


Thursday, 7th September, saw one of the main events of the week: the Annual (and always much anticipated) Fresher's Carnival in Dardistown. Students new and old went back to their childhoods with the carnival rides. The waltzers were spun and Dodgems bumped the night away, for some this was the first time on rides like this and the excitement was paramount with queues to get on the rides. The night was enjoyed by over 400 students. A Band Called Anna was there for people to bop away to. Another annual favorite, the Fresher's Week Ballad Session, took place on Friday night. Students attended en masse to hear their fellow students perform for them.

The finale of the week was the White Party hosted by the Caribbean-African Society in Turks Head.


Congratulations to the Student Union for putting on a fantastic Freshers' Week, one which will be remembered by all for years to come.