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Welcome to the RCSI Student Ambassador Programme - a collaborative project with Education in Ireland.

This entire student life section of our website aims to provide factual and actual information, advice, direction and support in relation to life as a student in Ireland. In addition to this, we believe that hearing things first hand from actual students plays a vital role in the information and communication exchange. Hence our engagement in this programme.

The Ambassador Programme serves to provide you with an insight into studying in Ireland and spotlights our own institution, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, RCSI. The programme will be developed over the coming months and Ambassadors will be selected by means of several sources including self selection and/or nomination from academic and administrative staff. Our Ambassadors will play a key role in answering your many questions and queries. We have no doubt that if you take the time to engage with them, you too will realise the benefits of the programme. In addition, we hope they will help convince you that Ireland has many unique features to offer the International student.

We welcome our new ambassadors, Abdulaziz Mirdad and Moyser Mulla.We hope you avail of access to these current students and we welcome your feedback on the programme.


For further information, please contact the Student Services Office.

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Moyser Mulla

Moyser Mulla (Saudi Arabia, Medicine)

Watch Moyser's video by clicking HERE or visit the Education Ireland website.


Abdulaziz Mirdad 

Abdulaziz Mirdad (Saudi Arabia/UAE, Medicine)

Visit the Education Ireland website.


Hi, I'm Abdulaziz Samir Mirdad. I used to live in Dubai and I'm from Saudi Arabia, now I live in Dublin and am a proud student of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I used to swim quite a bit back home but I stopped as I don't like indoor pools, but I love Dublin because it is different from my home in a few ways: firstly, the rain, most people hate it, but because I'm not used to it, it's a novelty. Secondly, I can walk everywhere without sweating buckets. Being raised in Dubai, I'm used to a huge range of cultures surrounding me. It is this experience that I will use to guide me throughout the year as Student Ambassador. I hope I can surpass my expectations of myself and the expectations of others in this new aspect of my life.