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Second annual Transition Year Physiotherapy programme to highlights importance of exercise, health and well-being

01 March 2017
This week, 25 Transition Year students took part in a two-day programme co-ordinated by the RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) School of Physiotherapy. In its second year, the ‘Transition to Health Programme', aims to increase young students' awareness and knowledge of the importance of physical and mental health. The programme took place in the Physiotherapy Movement Laboratory at the College's campus on St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

A number of experts from the School of Physiotherapy delivered a series of practical workshops, tutorials and lectures to the Transition Year students taught them about exercise, health and well-being. These were based on functional anatomy, how muscles work, the benefits of different types of sport and leisure activities and the problems presented by overuse of smartphones.
Students got the opportunity to use the latest in motion tracking technology to analyse the movement and gait of the human body. The students also learned about building resilience and managing their mental health as part of the programme.

Speaking on the Transition to Health programme, Professor Marie Guidon, Head of the RCSI School of Physiotherapy said, "We are delighted to run our transition year programme again. What we really want the students who participated to do is to think about the various ways that they can develop and maintain good health. Of course exercise plays a vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but the importance of maintaining good mental health will also be emphasised, giving our participants a holistic understanding of good human health." RCSI researchers from the Anatomy Department also talked to students about their current work and research into materials being generated that can be used to maintain bones and joints.