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Institute of Research

RCSI's Strategy for Excellence in Translational Research 2014 - 2020

Mission Statement

The mission of RCSI's research strategy is to improve human health through translational research: clinical, laboratory-based and health service research informed by bedside problems, and societal and global health challenges. We promote innovative research that leads to improved diagnostics, therapeutics and devices; tackles important healthcare delivery issues; informs policy and clinical practice and enhances the quality of education of healthcare professionals.

As an exclusively health sciences-focused educational and research institution with strong links to acute hospitals and other institutions that reflect the wide diversity of healthcare facilities and needs, locally and nationally, RCSI is uniquely placed to develop and enhance translational research for the benefit of patients and to improve the health of the community.

Importantly, RCSI academic staff, who have joint appointments with hospitals, bring to RCSI clinical expertise and resources that are essential to deliver truly translational research, from bench to bedside to population and vice-versa.

Research Strategy 2014 - 2020 Aims & Objectives

In alignment with RCSI's strategic roadmap 2013-2017 and current national research funding strategies, RCSI's strategic research plan 2014-2020 is aimed at bringing RCSI research closer to applications for the benefit of patients, the healthcare system and populations. To achieve this, RCSI has set a number of strategic objectives:

  • To strengthen institutional links with clinical organisations.
  • To promote the engagement of clinicians in collaborative translational research and training initiatives.
  • To build capacity in multidisciplinary biomedical research.
  • To place increased focus on applied research and knowledge transfer.
  • To strengthen existing, and develop new, collaborative links with industry.
  • To strengthen health systems and population health research and further embed its role as a national policy and practice source of evidence and expertise.
  • To deliver enhanced research training and career development opportunities for researchers that are aligned to the research strategy and RCSI's strategic roadmap 2013-2017.
  • To promote and support research that enhances the quality of RCSI's health science and surgical education.
  • To introduce an enhanced research support and management structure that can deliver the strategic plan with a coherent and effective approach.
  • To deliver and disseminate impactful research.

The Institute is a multi-site research infrastructure encompassing the research activities of RCSI at the St Stephen's Green campus and the RCSI Education and Research Centre (ERC) at Beaumont Hospital with a common governance and administrative support.  

Its defining strategy is to facilitate Translational research and training programmes between scientists and clinicians across the RCSI teaching hospitals and research laboratories so that advances in medical science are translated as quickly as possible into patient treatments.

The Institute of Research provides core facilities to researchers in areas of functional genomics, molecular medicine, peptide and solid phase chemistry, drug delivery, transgenics, cellular and molecular imaging, clinical trials and biobanking and supports research into diseases of particular relevance to Ireland's health care system, including population health, breast cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Over the period of the current Strategy for Excellence in Translational Research 2014 - 2020, the RCSI will aspire to play a leading national and international role in Translational Medicine and Surgical Research and Training.