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GEP: Teaching, learning and assessment

Year 1 (GEP Junior Cycle)

Year 1 is based in dedicated facilities in  RCSI Sandyford, South Dublin. The core curriculum is presented in modules based around the systems of the body with weekly case studies illustrating the application of clinical medicine.Teaching & learning methodologies include lectures, small group tutorials, anatomy dissection practicals, clinical competencies and self-directed learning. Personal and professional development is an integral part of the curriculum and is supplemented by well defined learning outcomes.

There is an emphasis on early clinical exposure with weekly hospital attachments in semester 2 and an intensive four-week hospital attachment between years 1 and 2. Students also participate in surgical and medical Grand Rounds by video link with Beaumont Hospital.

Continuous Assessment includes monthly online MCQs, clinical case group submissions, anatomy dissection room card signings and individual and group project work. Summative assessment is modular and integrated comprising of MCQ and short not papers. Clinical Competencies are assessed by OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Exams).

Year 2 (GEP Intermediate Cycle)

Year 2 of the programme is based in Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown in West Dublin. Again GEP students have access to new purpose built facilities very similar to those in year 1.

Core material is delivered using co ordinated, systems-based modules with emphases on case-based teaching. Teaching of Clinical Competencies are linked to the systems-based format of the core material and include clinical skills tutorials, clinical observation sessions, ward tutorials and practical skills sessions. Each Semester is followed by a 4-week intensive clinical attachment during which the students function as active members of hospital teams.

Continuous assessment includes online MCQ exams for each module and weekly case uploads in small groups. Summative assessments include written and MCQ papers. Clinical activities are assessed by OSCEs and TOSCES (Team Objective Structured Clinical Exams).

Sample timetables - Year 1

GEP Semester 1 Timetable Example

GEP Sample Timetable Semester 2