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HPEC news and events

May 2017

Professionalism across the Professions Forum 


In May, the Professionalism across the Professions Forum took place in the Law Society of Ireland. The Forum was undertaken in collaboration between the 3U Partnership, which combines the complementary strengths of RCSI, DCU and NUI Maynooth, and the Law Society of Ireland. The event focused on professionals in the medical, legal and academic sectors, with an aim to explore the attitudes, behaviours, and characteristics that contribute to the concept of Professionalism in Irish society. The Forum was formally opened by Law Society of Ireland Director General Ken Murphy, alongside Dr Ruth Davis, director of 3U Partnership. Speakers included Dr Kimberely Brownlee Professor of Philosophy University of Warwick, Professor Teresa Pawlikowska of the Health Professions Education Centre RCSI, Dr Heinz Lechleiter Dublin City University and Dr Jamie Saris NUI Maynooth. During the launch the speakers discussed how professionalism is pivotal to the relationship between the public and the professional, but highlighted through their specific subject lenses the variety of diverse perspectives for interpreting what professionalism means in practice.  There was also an important research objective to the Forum, with data collected through a series of recorded round-table structured breakout sessions which focused on particular topics of relevance to the concept of professionalism. This research study is ongoing and findings will be reported in due course. Pictured are some of the speakers at the Forum.



Dr Kimberely Brownlee                                                         Dr Kimberely Brownlee, Dr Rachael Hession, Professor Teresa Pawlikowska


Dr Heinz Lechleiter, Dr Jamie Saris                                          Dr Ruth Davis


Dr Ruth Davis 3U Partnership, Dr Jamie Saris NUI Maynooth, Dr Heinz Lechleiter Dublin City University, Marié T. O’Shea RCSI, Dr Kimberely Brownlee University of Warwick, Professor Teresa Pawlikowska RCSI, Ken Murphy Law Society of Ireland, Dr Rachael Hession Law Society of Ireland



February 2017 

National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Dr Martina Crehan has been appointed to the Professional Development Expert Group

of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The Forum has been working towards the development of a nationally-recognised framework for capturing successful practice within teaching and learning support across the higher education sector. A National Professional Development Framework (PDF) has been developed to support those who teach with a mechanism for considering their own professional development through a structured process of reflecting on, planning, gathering evidence and validating their professional development.

Over the next year, the expert group will evaluate and research the applicability of the framework to educators in varying disciplinary and professional contexts.

A group of RCSI educators will be one of a number of a pilot group to trial the framework, and will develop their own professional development profile using the PDF.  Pictured are some of the RCSI participants at a recent introductory workshop hosted in RCSI.


January 2017 

3U Peer Observation of Teaching Pilot Project 

A 3U Peer Observation of Teaching pilot project and module was launched recently. The project is a collaboration between the Health Professions Education Centre, RCSI; the Teaching Enhancement Unit, DCU and the Centre for Teaching & Learning, Maynooth University. It aims to facilitate collaboration in the areas of teaching and learning across the 3U partnership. Cross institutional and cross disciplinary interaction is encouraged, and teaching faculty will be supported in both developing their practice, and considering common and shared challenges in the area of large group teaching.

Pictured are some of the invited participants at the initial orientation workshop with two of the facilitators (Dr Martina Crehan RCSI and Dr Muireann O’Keeffe DCU. Missing from picture Dr Pip Ferguson DCU). The RCSI participants are Mr Eric Clarke, Foundation Year Medicine and Physiotherapy, Dr Jacqueline Daly, Biology and Ms Michelle Flood, Pharmacy.