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Medical Education Research Group (MERG)

The Medical Education Research Group (MERG) is a community of practitioners with a research interest in the area of health professions education.

The group hosts a regular 90-minute meeting that focus on a particular education research topic. Two papers will be emailed in advance of the meeting and a discussant will present a review or report from the articles and lead a general discussion on the relevant research papers.

Join the MERG group online,email Marie O'Shea, Convenor of MERG

All meetings are held at 8am in the 2nd Floor Boardroom, 121 SSG

Date     Speaker(s)  Topic 
4/5/2016       Tina Joyce Supporting the implementaion of the HSE National Nursing Clinical Leadership Competency e-Portfolio
2/3/2016 Declan Gaynor Processed-oriented, Guided-Inquiry Learning
3/2/2016 Teresa Pawlikowska What is quality in qualitative research in medical education?
2/12/2015 Jane Burns What's new at BEME
4/11/2015 Martina Crehan Reflections on the theme of Faculty Development at AMEE Conference 2015
3/6/2015 Jane Burns Where to publish
6/5/2015 Ronan Conroy Evaluating the impact of high- and low-fidelity instruction in the development of auscultation skills
8/4/2015 Jane Burns How to identify and target journals you want to be published in
4/3/2015 Pauline Joyce Faculty Development
7/1/2015 Martina Crehan Bridging the gap between student expectation and experience: The Lived Experience of Transition
3/12/2014 Jane Burns Online research profile
5/11/2014 Muirne Spooner & Judith Strawbridge Prescribing
24/9/2014 Teresa Pawlikowska HPEC Research Strategy
4/6/2014 Teresa Pawlikowska The influence of academic discourses on medical students' interests in Family Medicine as a career choice: an international comparative case study
7/5/2014 RCSI-PMC Wai Cheng Foong Can we use the SCORPIO approach to teach medical students?
2/4/2014 Jackie Daly & Alice McGarvey Electives - National & International Perspectives
5/3/2014 Muirne Spooner Prescribing
5/2/2014 RCSI Bahrain    TBA
8/1/2014  Tina Joyce  Leadership 
4/12/2013  Sarah O'Neill

Team-based learning

6/11/2013 Jane Holland & Catherine Bruen


2/10/2013 Frances Meagher & Martina Crehan