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Surgical Scope asked the Joint Leads to envision the key
transformation the Irish healthcare system would undergo in the
medium to long term, if the Model of Care for Acute Surgery is
adopted fully, and in conjunction with other Clinical Programmes, in
hospitals across the country. Professor Keane commented: "Hospitals
in Ireland receiving acute surgical patients vary greatly in their size,
diagnostic and physical resources, staff numbers and specialty mix.
The Model of Care sets out principles that, if adhered to, should
establish a consistent standard of excellence in care for patients across
all our institutions."
Mr Mealy pointed out that the introduction of new hospital groups
should allow reconfigurations that will better suit the separate
streaming of acute and elective surgical patients within dedicated
units. He added: "All hospital staff and individual units will better
understand, monitor and regulate patient flow and capacity as well
as more effectively managing constraints that impede the smooth
streaming of patients.
"Finally, as we strive for systematic and nationwide enhancement of
our services, we must acknowledge the great work that has been, and
continues to be, performed individually at all levels within the health
services. The New Model for Acute Surgery provides us with a real
opportunity to focus that proven commitment and dedication on the
delivery of enhanced patient care and outcomes."
The Model of Care for Acute Surgery is available for download at
Pictured (l-r) arriving at RCSi to launch the new Model of Care for Acute Surgery is: Minister for Health, dr James Reilly td; Professor Patrick Broe,
RCSi President; and Professor Cathal Kelly, Ceo/Registrar, RCSi.
warm welcome
there were strong words of encouragement for the adoption of the new model at its launch
"the launch of the Model of Care for Acute Surgery is testament to the determination of RCSi and HSe to improve the
safety and quality of care for surgical patients presenting in the emergency or acute setting."
Professor Patrick J. Broe, President of rcsi
"My hope is that the principles contained in the document will guide all hospitals and groups of hospitals in their
efforts to provide the best care possible for their patients."
mr tony o'Brien, ceo/Director general Designate, health service executive
"Continued teamworking and broad stakeholder engagement will be vital to the success of this model."
President of the college of anaesthetists of ireland, Dr ellen o'sullivan
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