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r Alice McGarvey, Senior Lecturer in Anatomy
and Vice Dean for Career Development, RCSI
spoke to Surgical Scope about the clinical and
research elective programmes developed by the
A wide range of clinical and research elective
opportunities have been developed by RCSI which, Dr McGarvey
explains, make a vital contribution to students' educational
experience, deepening competency levels and providing invaluable
workplace experience.
"Clinical electives offer students valuable opportunities to work
with clinical teams or sub-internships that will broaden experience,
improve clinical skills and, ultimately, hone a student's capability to
compete at the highest levels in the workplace. For students intending
to progress to postgraduate training, letters of reference based on
electives are particularly valuable.
"Research electives increase student knowledge around clinical
research. They also provide students with opportunities to present at
conferences and be named authors in publications."
Electives are highly sought after by students and are offered on a
competitive basis: "RCSI has developed elective agreements with
institutions at the forefront of clinical practice and research. They
include University of Massachussetts (Boston), Johns Hopkins and
McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario). RCSI continuously
reviews the programmes on offer and updates electives to maximise
the quality of opportunities and ensure their relevance."
Students are evaluated upon completion of electives and the feedback
has been hugely positive: "RCSI students participating in electives
have consistently scored highly for their competencies and abilities in
participating effectively and successfully as valued team members."
Dr McGarvey adds: "The electives offering is always evolving and we
would be delighted to work with institutions or individuals to develop
new agreements and opportunities for RCSI students.."
For any enquiries about elective opportunities, please email:
Dr Alice McGarvey.
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