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he Association of Medical and Dental
Graduates of RCSI was founded in 1932
to encourage and maintain social and
professional contacts between graduates
and to promote the interests of the College
and its graduates throughout the world. Graduates
of the Medical and Dental schools of RCSI in Dublin
are automatically life members of the Association
of Graduates, which also maintains and develops
contacts between the student body and graduates of
the College.
For many years, the Association facilitated individual
class reunions and the first official annual reunion for all
graduates was held in 1981. This later evolved into the
RCSI Alumni Gathering, now held annually in late August
and attended by hundreds of graduates from all over the
The Association of Graduates organises a range of events
during the year including the Annual Dinner, held in the
College, usually on the last Saturday in November. The
2014 Annual Dinner took place on Saturday, November
29. The Annual General Meeting is held in May each year
and also includes a clinical meeting.
Involvement with the student body is promoted annually
by the Association of Graduates' medal, awarded to the
final year student voted by fellow classmates as the best
all-round student. The Association also contributes to
undergraduate research programmes and awards a prize
for a suitable clinical presentation.
In 2014, the Association initiated the Societies' Award.
This scheme gives Student Societies the opportunity
to apply for funding for a project of their choice. The
Association also presented perpetual trophies in memory
of the late Dr Frank Prendiville (Class of 1961) for the
Ladies' and Gentlemen's golf competitions taking place as
part of the RCSI Alumni Gathering 2014.
The Association would like to encourage more graduate
members to become involved in future projects to
promote clinical presentations and other interests. Please
contact Dr Mary Davin-Power (,
Dr Antonia Lehane (, or any
of the Association officers or Committee members who
would be delighted to hear your views.
President: Dr Mary Davin-Power (Class of 1982)
Immediate Past President: Dr Sheila Jones
(Class of 1965)
Vice President: Mr Mayilone Arumugasamy, FRCSI
(Class of 1993)
Honorary Secretary: Dr Antonia Lehane (Class of 1982)
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Patrick Troy (Class of 1986)
Trustee: Professor William MacGowan FRCSI
(Class of 1948)
Trustee: Mr Hyacinth Browne FRCSI (Class of 1956)
Dr Mary Coghlan (Class of 1963), Dr Tom Coghlan (Class
of 1966), Dr Jean Lane (Class of 1981), Dr Conor Malone
(Class of 2009), Dr Pamela Mangal (Class of 1971), Dr
Sheila McCluskey-MacEvilly (Class of 1968) and Professor
Sarah Rogers (Class of 1968).
New President for the
Association of Graduates
2014 marked the election of Dr Mary Davin-Power as the new President of the
RCSI Association of Graduates. Dr Davin-Power was elected for a two-year
term at the Association's AGM which took place on May 16, 2014
RCSI alumni at the Association of Graduates Annual Dinner which was
held in the College on Saturday, November 29.
Dr Mary Davin-
Power, President,
RCSI Association of