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2014 was the Malaysian student society, PMCSA, which was
awarded the coveted Parnell Keeling Trophy.
The fourth ICHAMS took place over two days, October
24 and 25, in RCSI. The biomedical conference, aimed
at students and run by students, was attended by more
than 100 healthcare undergraduates from Ireland, the
United Kingdom, Russia, the US, the Netherlands and
Poland. Building on the outstanding success of the 2013
conference, which was Winner of the Student Project of
the Year category in last year's Irish Healthcare Awards,
this year the conference expanded, integrating RCSI's
Schools of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, to deliver a wider,
multidisciplinary conference. The theme of this year's event
was `Advancing Biomedical Research: Passion for Progress'.
RCSI's polo team represented the College at the 24ième
Challenge des Grandes Ecoles et Universités, held at
Chantilly Polo Club, in Paris, France. Captained by Senan
O'Connell, final year medicine, the polo team graced the
famous polo grounds in Chantilly to win Best Strategy.
International polo player Fiona Seager and a small core
group of dedicated players established the RCSI Polo
Club in 2008. Since its foundation, members have worked
tirelessly to build a strong foundation for the club which has
achieved impressive growth. The dedication of members
has been rewarded by the ever-improving performances at
major national intervarsity tournaments throughout England,
Scotland and France and, in 2013, the team won the SUPA
Summer National Novice Cup.
The 118th Boston Marathon took place in April 2014 with
nine RCSI students and two graduates among the 32,000
runners competing in this most prestigious road race. RCSI's
participation in the event is facilitated by Dr John V Coyle
(Class of 1962), a serving member of the Boston Athletic
Association. The 2014 team included Ranjit Banwait, Ailbhe
O'Driscoll Collins, Sarah Dinneen, Kailyn Kwong Hing, Pavan
Paka, Bakr Jundi, Diarmuid O'Brien, Suzanne McDonnell and
Cassie Mac Rae. In addition to the nine current students, and
also flying the flag for RCSI, were graduates Dr Paul Maguire
(Class of 1983) and his daughter, Dr Sinead Maguire (Class of
At the 81st Biological Society Inaugural Meeting: Ms Sarah
Lewis, Honorary Records Secretary and Yousef-Abdul
Wahab, Honorary Correspondence Secretary with guest
speaker, Tom McGurk.
Caitrin O'Leary and Nikita Rane with the first edition
of DIVERCSITY at the clubs and society sign-up day
during Orientation Week.
At the launch of the seventh edition of the RCSI Student Medical Journal (RCSIsmj):
Ramia Jameel, Vice-Director of RCSIsmj; Eoin Kelleher, Director of RCSIsmj; Professor
Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, RCSI; Melissa
Schorr, Editor-in-Chief, RCSIsmj; and Natalie Achamallah, Senior Editor, RCSIsmj.
The 2013/14 RCSI Student Union presenting a cheque to Annette McCaul
of MS Ireland on Friday, October 10, 2014. The 10,000 cheque was the
result of a year of fundraising events including Rag Week, ballad sessions
and many other events.