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Could you give a brief outline of your careers,
your chosen specialties and where your careers have
taken you both?
I completed my Ophthalmology residency at
the University of Michigan. During this time, we married
and then upon completion of my residency both Paul and
I went on Project Orbis, a flying eye hospital, for a year
before returning to Baltimore where Paul completed his
Ophthalmology residency.
We both eventually moved to Southern California where we
joined Kaiser Permanente. We have been with Kaiser now for
about 20 years and presently we both hold the title of Chief
of our respective departments.
Can you tell us about your daughters Sinead (Class of
2012) and Ailbhe (Class of 2014)?
Sinead has decided that she would like to go
into Internal Medicine and just recently was successful in the
second part of her membership.
Ailbhe is in the midst of her internship in Drogheda
and has not decided in which direction she will go with her
career yet.
I understand you are organising an RCSI class
reunion in Boston in 2015?
There is a core group of 1983 RCSI grads
who have kept in close contact since our conferring. The
reunions are so enjoyable and also serve as a support
system to `herd' us all back at the same time. We attended
The Gathering in Dublin in 2013. After a long night at the
ball, a number of our class who attended found ourselves
in the Burlington bar wishing the night would never end.
As we were having so much fun meeting
old friends, singing and just enjoying each other's
company, we all decided that life is too short to wait
five years to meet up again. So Siobhan and some of
the others who were there decided that we should all
meet up in two years.
Siobhan was always great for getting us all together so
now we have a date for October 2015! We decided on
Boston as it will be more of a break for all those who
reside in Ireland. We are really trying to get as many as
possible to attend as the camaraderie is priceless.
Paul, I understand you and Sinead took part in this
year's Boston Marathon? What was it like to take part
in an event that, in the wake of the 2013 bombings,
was widely seen as a demonstration of the city's
resilience and spirit?
The Boston Marathon 2014 has to be the most
patriotic event that I have ever attended. The pride of
the city and the country was palpable everywhere after
the tragedy the previous year. There was no question that
"Boston was strong" and will continue to be. From the
soldiers who lined the route to the people who volunteered
to hand out water to the runners, everyone was proud to be
there. It was a major privilege to be able to cross the finish
line with my daughter, Sinead.
As a family, you have all maintained strong links with
RCSI, can you outline why you value these links?
If it wasn't for the education that RCSI gave
Siobhan and I we would not be where we are today.
We are very proud to have gone to RCSI
and, subsequently, we have done what we can to
support the College.
Finally, are there any notable similarities and/or
contrasts between the 1980s experience and the 21st
century experience of college life in RCSI?
We were fortunate that our class size was smaller
and we seemed to know each other better in our day. On
the other hand, our daughters were able to avail of all
the technology that RCSI now offers during their medical
education. The great friendships, the highs and lows of a
medical student's life appear to be the same!
We really have found that being alumni of RCSI
helped us become ambassadors in the field of medicine and
gave us a great start for the world in which we live today.