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Sisters Dearbhla Duffy, Class of 1994, and
Illona Duffy, Class of 1993.
Class of 1984 and guests: Kevin Malone, Margaret Fitzgerald, Sabine Maguire
and Nigel Harris.
Class of 1994, Class of 1998 and guests: Andrew Maree, Nichola Maree, Daragh O'Neill,
Dorothy O'Neill, William Behan and Tara Behan.
Janalul Azizi Abdun Rahaman, Class of 1989,
and Sunhani Abdrahim Rahaman.
Dr Mary Davin-Power, President, RCSI
Association of Graduates and Andy Carlisle.
Ursula O'Hanlon and Anna Gallagher, both Class of 1976, with Jacinta O'Hanlon,
Patricia Prenderville and Sue O'Connell, all Class of 1974.
Class of 1989 and guests: Niamh Horneck, Sean Johnston, Ellen Sawyer
and Richard Sawyer.