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ducating future leaders in healthcare delivery
is at the core of RCSI's mission and a number
of major developments in the past year will
ensure this education is to the highest standard
and continues into the future. I would like
to thank each and every member of the staff of RCSI
for contributing so much to a very successful 2014; the
strides that have been taken in the past 12 months
towards enriching the educational experience for our
students could not have been achieved without their
energy and unswerving commitment.
Particular highlights and successes of the last year include
the beginning of the construction of the new academic and
education building (NAEB); the strengthening of RCSI's
partnership with RCSI Hospitals; and the excellent outcome
and positive results of the Quality and Qualifications Ireland
(QQI) review. We also had a series of class reunions and
held an informative scientific meeting to welcome back
those graduates of the College who are working both in
Ireland and abroad, for the Alumni Gathering 2014. Crucially,
2014 was another stepping stone in RCSI's continuous
development and its recognition as an influential, prestigious
and accomplished institution, upholding the highest
education and healthcare standards at both local and
international levels.
At RCSI, we create healthcare leaders who make a difference
worldwide. To enable us to do this, we need cutting-edge
facilities for our students and our staff. The new state-
of-the-art academic and education building, currently in
construction, will be student-centred and will promote the
development of the RCSI community at the heart of the city.
The building will provide students with the opportunity
to study in a modern, inspiring, proficient and ambitious
medical sciences and surgical training facility and will further
strengthen our reputation both locally and internationally.
There will be seamless integration of simulation
methodologies and technology enhanced learning (TEL)
facilities available in the new high-tech building.
The facility will further strengthen the College's global
reputation as a leader in its field. The progress of this
important development would not have been possible
without the dedication of RCSI's expert project teams led by
Michael McGrail, Director of Corporate Strategy, and Paula
Wilson, Associate Director, along with enormous support
and hard work from many throughout the College including
those who sit on the steering group, the design, funding,
community and marketing groups, and the RCSI design
team, including architects Henry J Lyons.
Investment is fundamentally important to RCSI by investing
in this building, we are also investing in our students and
In May 2014, Mr Ruairi Quinn, former Minister for Education
and Skills, visited RCSI to lay the Foundation Stone for this
new medical education facility. RCSI will invest in the region
of 80m in the development of the 120,000 sq. ft NAEB.
Construction commenced in October 2014 and is expected
to be completed by late 2016. The building will be
comprised of a modern, surgical and clinical training suite
Building for the future
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive,
RCSI, outlines the major developments in
2014 which pave the way for the College's
future success as a recognised leader in
the education of healthcare professionals
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief
Executive/Registrar, RCSI