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Abuse and Profiling Child Victims." The aim of the project
is to understand the victimology of online grooming and
develop tools for law enforcement and industry to protect
those at most risk from unwanted advances.
Future research will focus on education programmes for
children aimed at safe internet usage, understanding how
virtual leadership and management works and exploring
the burgeoning development of web-based applications in
The plan is to grow the Centre into becoming a leading
international centre producing research and policy at the
intersection of psychology and technology.
The Centre collaborates with a number of government,
academic and law enforcement organisations including
INTERPOL, the Garda Siochana, the London Metropolitan
Police, the Australian Federal Police and the Los Angeles
Police Department.
Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum presents
an MSc in Healthcare Management to Abdulrahman Al Jassmi, CEO
of Dubai Hospital at the RCSI Institute of Leadership Conferring
Ceremony in Dubai in November 2014.
Hilary Sanfey, Professor of Surgery and Vice Chair of Educational
Affairs SIU University, Illinois, US.
Mr Jimmy Sheehan, Orthopaedic surgeon, engineer,
businessman, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Blackrock,
Galway and Hermitage Clinics.
Brendan Noonan, Senior Vice President of Group Learning and
Development at Emirates Group.
Micheál Martin, TD, Leader of Fianna Fáil and Party
Spokesperson on Northern Ireland.