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n addition to its academic programmes, the Institute
has significantly increased its engagement with the
Irish health service by providing leadership and
organisational development programmes for senior
leaders in the system and developing new hospital-
based programmes. A major development has been the
success of the recently established CyberPsychology
Research Centre.
In order to more adequately serve its students and clients,
the Institute, this year, has significantly increased its
capacity in the areas of coaching, psychometrics and the
management of feedback systems. This development has
enabled the Institute to significantly increase its engagement
in the Irish healthcare system.
In a major innovation, the Institute, after a successful
competitive tender, launched a national Leadership
Development Programme for Directors and Assistant
Directors of Nursing and Midwifery in Ireland. The
programme is a collaboration with the National Leadership
and Innovation Centre (NLIC) at the Health Service Executive
(HSE). In total, 75 Directors and Assistant Directors of
Nursing and Midwifery participated in the programme,
which was specifically designed to meet their needs and
to build leadership capability within the healthcare system.
The project included an Assessment & Development Centre
and, uniquely, the programme was co-designed with the
participants. In parallel with the development of their
personal and professional effectiveness, the participants
worked together on strategic development projects that
were aligned with the proposed new reconfiguration of the
hospital groups.
In collaboration with the HSE, the Institute is also providing
a novel bespoke programme of leadership development
for the Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP). The
programme, Beginning a New Leadership Journey, was
developed to enhance the performance of HSCP managers
in their current and possible future roles, recognising the
need for strong leadership at all levels in the healthcare
The programme is designed to be challenging and is
specifically intended to provide a `leadership stretch', to
promote new learning and competency development.
The Institute has increased its engagement with the hospital
sector in Ireland. The MSc in Leadership and Organisational
Change at Beaumont Hospital was again provided this year
in collaboration with DCU. An important new programme
was also launched at the Rotunda Hospital. This is a cross-
disciplinary programme for high-potential leaders in the
hospital and combined inputs aimed not only at developing
the leadership competencies of the participants but also
actioning the hospital's overall strategy.
New training programmes were also launched at St James's
and Tallaght hospitals. The Institute's strategy for the
coming year includes the development of leadership and
management programmes for the newly-established RCSI
Hospitals' Group.
Since the RCSI CyberPsychology Research Centre was
launched in 2013, it has had a number of international
successes including winning its first EU research award,
as a participant in the Middlesex University-led project,
"Developing Research Informed Good Practice Policing and
Industry Collaborative Models in Preventing Online Child
Institute of Leadership increases
engagement with Irish health service
The past year has seen steady progress in the ongoing development
of the Institute of Leadership, headed up by Professor Ciaran
O'Boyle, across its bases in Ireland, Bahrain and the UAE
At the 3U Leadership Symposium. Fourth row: Sibeal Carolan,
Institute of Leadership (IoL); and Hugh Carroll, Irish Institute of
Pharmacy. Third row: Mary Boyd, School of Physiotherapy; Dr
Pauline Joyce, IoL; and Anna Marie McQuillan, IoL graduate.
Second row: Margaret Culliton and Ger Talty, IoL graduates; and
Professor Zena Moore, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Front
row: Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
and Health Sciences; IoL graduates Yvonne Delaney and Natalie
Hession; and Professor Ciaran O'Boyle, Director, IoL.