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Extremo Sul Catarinense UNESC; Professor Adolfo Horn Jr.,
Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense in Brazil and
Professor Xuechu Zhen, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Soochow University; and a delegation from Guangzhou
Medical University in China. In addition, opportunities
for postgraduate exchanges, joint PhD programmes and
undergraduate twinning programmes were explored.
The School developed a new postgraduate module on
Research Ethics and Integrity co-ordinated by Professor
David Smith. In parallel, a number of other initiatives were
launched to address good laboratory practices and support,
including The RCSI Statement on Research Integrity, the
RCSI Code of Conduct for Researchers and the Postgraduate
Forum on Research Integrity (in association with the
Postgraduate Student Union).
The Dilmun Scholar Programme was launched in November
2014. It is a new, structured PhD programme funded by
RCSI-Bahrain, that is focused on establishing PhD training in
RCSI Bahrain by encouraging collaborative research projects
between research staff in RCSI-Dublin and RCSI-Bahrain.
The `call for project proposals' coincided with the tenth
anniversary celebrations in RCSI Bahrain. The deadline for
submission of applications is February 10, 2015. Details can
be found at:
Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation
Between 2001 and 2006 Geraldine conducted a PhD under the guidance of Professor Niamh
Moran and Dr Sarah O'Neill at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology (now Molecular and
Cellular Therapeutics). She studied the mechanisms of blood platelet activation, and after
graduation moved to Vancouver, Canada. Her postdoctoral studies were at the University of British
Columbia (UBC), where she kept up her interest in blood, examining the quality of platelets prior
to blood transfusion in collaboration with UBC's Centre for Blood Research. In late 2010, she began
her current position as a scientific writer for Canadian Blood Services, who operate the blood
system in Canada (except the province of Québec). She works with research and development
scientists from Canadian Blood Services' Centre for Innovation to prepare scientific manuscripts.
Professor Helen Mayberg, Emory University School of Medicine,
Atlanta, USA, renowned pioneer of deep brain stimulation, which is
used to treat conditions such as depression, was keynote speaker at
the RCSI Human Disease Mapping conference.
Members of the RCSI Human Disease Mapping Organising
Committee and Steering Committee (clockwise from left): Christopher
Whelan, Paul McKiernan, Dr Helen McVeigh, Colm Duffy, James
Reynolds, Linda Williams, Annachiara Mitrugno and Justina Senkus.
Dr Adam Ruben, writer, comedian and molecular biologist at Johns
Hopkins University, USA, delivering his keynote address at the
postgraduate careers event in September.