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total of 67 candidates 42 PhD; 11 MD;
and 13 MSc graduated in 2014 in June or
November graduation ceremonies. These
included the final cohort of graduates from
the HRB-funded, structured PhD progranmme
in Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Human Disease.
Reflecting the increasing numbers of research postgraduate
students, the graduation ceremonies have been altered
so that all these students graduate as a cohort, all their
thesis titles are read from the podium and, moreover, the
graduands read a new Graduate Declaration committing
to professionalism in all aspects of their future careers. The
School continues to streamline and archive a number of
operations to improve processes at all levels of the student
journey from application and enrolment to examinations and
The PhD scholars on the Diagnostics and Therapeutics
for Human Disease Programme organised the inaugural
Human Disease Mapping (HDM) Conference at RCSI on
January 30 and 31, 2014 to highlight the often-overlooked
impacts made by young researchers across the world in
the refinement of therapeutics and the improvement of
diagnostics in disease. Two pioneering investigators
Professor H Meyberg, Emory University School of Medicine,
US, and Dr J Thon, Harvard Medical School, US whose
work has opened new frontiers in the treatment of
neurological and cardiovascular disorders, respectively, gave
plenary talks.
On September 17 and 18, 2014, the School hosted a
Postgraduate Careers event entitled `Strategies for
Success' which explored career options, networking and
empowerment of the online persona. Two international
speakers delivered keynote addresses as part of the
programme. Diana Garnham, Chief Executive of the
Science UK Council spoke on the topic "Ten Types of
Scientist" followed by an address from Dr Adam Ruben,
writer, comedian and molecular biologist at Johns Hopkins
University, US, entitled "Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid
Decision to Go to Grad School".
Interactive workshops that took place as part of the event
included: "Imposter Syndrome Secrets - How to Feel as
Good as They Think", "Saying No Positively" and "Effective
Networking: Face-to-Face and Social Media".
As a result of our increased internationalisation efforts, RCSI
is now a recognised third level institution for the Brazilian
Science Without Borders programme. This has resulted
in four fully-funded PhD studentships being awarded to
Brazilian students who have begun their PhD projects in
RCSI in 2013-2014.
The School hosted a series of high profile visits to RCSI
by distinguished international research collaborators from
China and Brazil: Professor Patricia Amaral, Universidade do
A year of expansion for School
of Postgraduate Studies
In the last year, Head of School, Professor Niamh Moran, reported the largest
number of research higher degree candidates graduating at the School since
its establishment in 2006
Professor Niamh Moran, Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies; with PhD graduates of the HRB Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Human
Disease programme, Dr Cai Lloyd Griffith, Dr Annichiara Mitrugno, Dr Linda Williams and Dr James Reynolds; and Professor Hannah McGee,
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.