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he Beacon Hospital signed a strategic
partnership with RCSI in September 2014
which sees the hospital becoming an
associated teaching faculty partner to RCSI's
School of Pharmacy.
The aim of the partnership is to enhance patient care
through the delivery of practice-based research and
audit, reflective of the priorities of Beacon Pharmacy
Department. RCSI will leverage its significant research
experience to ensure that projects undertaken are of
clinical/scientific merit and suitable for publication.
RCSI pharmacy students will be afforded the
opportunity to undertake experiential learning in a
clinical setting and to enhance their clinical pharmacy
knowledge and experience under the tutelage and
direction of experienced pharmacy practitioners at
the Beacon Hospital. The RCSI School of Pharmacy
will facilitate the development of content and training
programmes to address the educational needs of
members of the pharmacy staff at the hospital. RCSI
and the Beacon Hospital will carry out collaborative
translational research directed at improving patient
outcomes and experience.
Speaking at the announcement, Michael Cullen,
CEO of the Beacon Hospital commented: "Our
strategic partnership will significantly enhance and
strengthen the advancement of collaborative research
opportunities between RCSI and the Beacon Hospital."
School of Pharmacy partners with Beacon
Hospital to enhance patient care
Under the stewardship of Head of School, Professor Paul Gallagher, the School
won the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland tender for delivery of the Master
of Pharmacy programme for a further five years and partnered with Beacon
Hospital in a new strategic initiative
At the signing of the strategic partnership between RCSI and the Beacon Hospital were (L to R): Mr Michael Cullen, CEO, Beacon Hospital,
Ms Catherine Nugent, Head of Pharmacy, Beacon Hospital, Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health
Sciences, RCSI and Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of School of Pharmacy, RCSI.