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Forty-one graduates were conferred with an MSc in
Healthcare Management, 22 were conferred with an MSc
in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management and six were
conferred with a Postgraduate Diploma. This conferring
represents the highlight of our academic year. It is wonderful
to see our graduates develop into the kind of leaders who
can contribute to the ongoing development of healthcare in
the UAE.
Established in 2005, RCSI Dubai provides postgraduate
education and training through the RCSI Institute of
Leadership. Currently, RCSI Dubai has 186 students enrolled
on its two Master's programmes and since 2005, 406
students have graduated. Its programmes are accredited by
the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
as well as the NUI.
The newly launched 3U China Office, brings together
world-class higher education and research opportunities for
Chinese students at both undergraduate and postgraduate
levels. Partnered with RCSI, DCU and Maynooth University,
the 3U China Office will play a strategic role in recruiting
more Chinese students for the three institutions, who will
be able to enhance their career prospects and personal
development here, as well as influence what we can learn
from them on both a cultural and higher education level.
The aim is to achieve more together and market ourselves in
China as a high-standard medical, science and engineering
institution, building on our well-established reputation as a
student base in Dublin and also overseas.
The third RCSI International Education Forum took
place from June 23-26, 2014. The theme "Curriculum
Development in a Transnational Context" aims to build on
previous education forums and consolidates the work of
the Health Professions Education Centre and the Schools of
the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences as we operate
in a complex transnational and inter professional manner.
The aim of the third RCSI International Education Forum
was to bring members of the RCSI international community
together to discuss ideas and innovations and to share our
successes and resolve challenges. It was an opportunity
for members of our professional community to engage in
continuing professional development (CPD) on an annual
The forum brought to the fore key topics in Health
Professions Education as presented by RCSI staff and
external invited speakers. The agenda included:
reflections on the content of modules within the medical
programme and planning for delivery in 2014/15;
review and planning of examinations and assessment;
discussion of `variances' innovations or challenges
that were site-specific, and options to learn from or
incorporate them;
developments in simulation, advanced clinical consulting,
teaching and learning and TEL;
progress in faculty developments and student supports,
e.g., plagiarism and academic integrity, feedback/feed-
forward, peer observation of teaching, clinical relations,
career management, research ethics and standard setting;
discussion on opportunities for shared R&D projects to
document, test and publish on our experiences; and,
an invited international speaker, Dr Jan Dalen, University
of Maastricht, who presented on his world-class
experience in the development of integrated clinical
consulting skills.
The highly successful Forum was open to staff from all
Schools of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Open sessions included invited members of the wider
higher education network, our 3U partners and colleagues
from strategic and international educational alliances. It was
another enjoyable and fruitful International Education Forum
for RCSI, with plenty of opportunities for face-to-face, formal
and informal interaction.
In summary, 2014 was another `international' year for RCSI.
While other institutions have an `International Office', there
can hardly be an office within RCSI, which does not have
`international' as its core business. We bring the world to
RCSI Dublin through our international student profile, and
take Dublin to the world through our activities in many
countries and regions. Long may it continue to flourish!
Attending the International Education Forum in June 2014:
Professor Anthony Cunningham, Foundation Dean of Perdana
University (PU)- RCSI School of Medicine; Professor David
Adams, current Dean, PU- RCSI School of Medicine; and
Professor Sameer Otoom, President, RCSI Bahrain.
At the opening of the 3U Partnership's China Office in Beijing:
Paul Kavanagh, Irish Ambassador to China; Professor Philip Nolan,
Maynooth University; Jan O'Sullivan T.D., Minister for Education and
Skills; Jim Dowling, Vice-President DCU; Micheal McGrail, Director of
Corporate Strategy, RCSI.