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The PU-RCSI Programme in Perdana University in Kuala
Lumpur is now in its fourth year the `youngest' of the
RCSI international campuses. This year saw the students
being taught in clinical sites for the first time. The
successful establishment of high-quality clinical training
sites supported by well-equipped academic centres was a
major achievement. The student numbers are sustaining
and the increase in privately-funded students is a welcome
Planning for clinical rotations in Intermediate Cycle and
Senior Cycle 1 and recruitment of Senior Cycle leads and
faculty, were among the main priorities for 2013/14. PU-RCSI
concentrates its clinical teaching in three hospitals:
Hospital Kuala Lumpur (KL), the largest hospital in
Hospital Seremban; and,
Hospital Putrajaya.
Two new academic centres with excellent teaching facilities
were opened for our students in Hospital KL and Hospital
Seremban. Senior Cycle commenced in September 2014.
A comprehensive induction programme was held to allow
for training of `local' PU-RCSI faculty in the complexities of
curriculum delivery and assessment. The induction involved
senior RCSI faculty travelling to KL to lead a `train the
trainer' week at two points during the Senior Cycle.
Professor David Adams, RCSI Lead in Surgery, commenced
as PU-RCSI Dean in July to replace Professor Anthony
Cunningham, who finished his three-year term as Foundation
Dean in summer 2014.
In its fourth enrolment year, minimum entry requirements
to PU-RCSI are the same as those in RCSI Dublin and are in
accordance with those of the National University of Ireland
(NUI). Sixty students enrolled in September 2014, bringing
the total number to 260 since 2011.
PMC governance changes and replacement of former
guaranteed student funding from government sources were
urgent priorities for 2013/14. PMC shareholders (RCSI and
UCD) focused on developing a new senior management
team: Professor Amir Khir (existing Dean) as President,
CEO and Dean; Professor Kevin Nolan, formerly Head of
Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry and
Foundation Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies,
RCSI, as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Registrar;
and Mr Michael Chua (new to the organisation) as Chief
Operating Officer. A newly established Admissions Group
across the partners, led by Philip Curtis (RCSI), worked
exceptionally hard to begin to replace the formerly, publicly-
funded student groups with new private Malaysian and
international students.
There were 123 graduates in June for the class of 2014.
This is the 14th cohort graduating from PMC, with the total
number of alumni (including this cohort) at 1,160.
The first ever postgraduate degree course was delivered
through PMC an RCSI-led MSc in Health Research -
this year. It is led by Professor Rashad Khan (PMC) and
Professor Ronan Conroy, Department of Epidemiology and
Public Health Medicine (RCSI). This year has delivered on
RCSI international partnerships:
success and development
Professor Hannah McGee, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences outlines the
global recognition of, and positive developments at, RCSI's overseas institutions
Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty
of Medicine and Health Sciences, RCSI