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Our values are shaped by the primacy of creating an
environment of trust and mutual understanding. We commit
to transparency, integrity and respect for all persons who
engage with RCSI: students, staff, patients and the general
We provide a nurturing, social and inclusive community
conducive to collaboration and development. It is a
key tenet of our value framework that a stimulating and
challenging environment promotes excellence in teaching
and learning. The fostering of a culture of discovery creates
research with impact and an entrepreneurial energy,
balanced with disciplined financial stewardship to secure
our independence.
The foundations of our strategy are growth and excellence.
We see our future success as contingent on our ability to
grow RCSI's international presence and reputation as a
centre of excellence in healthcare professional education.
Our strategic plan sets out five goals, to which we are
committed, along with a roadmap of how we will address
these goals and key performance measures for their
RCSI Final Results
Pictured is Rachael Horan, who received the highest grades of
the class of 230 medical students in her final year results, with her
classmates on Results Day 2013
RCSI Dubai
New location for RCSI Dubai in Dubai Healthcare City
3U Partnership Anniversary
Pictured at the first anniversary of the 3U Partnership, a collaboration
between RCSI, NUI Maynooth, and Dublin City University (DCU),
is Professor Cathal Kelly, CEO/ Registrar, RCSI; Dr Ruth Davis, 3U
Director and Professor Brian MacCraith, President, DCU.
Penang Medical
Medical students at
Penang Medical College,
Malaysia undertake
their biomedical and
early clinical sciences
studies at RCSI or
UCD in Dublin before
returning to Malaysia
for a further two and
half years to complete
extensive clinical training
in Penang.
The goals are as follows:
Excellence in education
To be a recognised leader in teaching and learning
in the health professions, incorporating best
practice and the latest technologies and methods
in how we educate our students.
Leadership in international medical education
To grow internationally by expanding our
international presence and the offerings we
provide overseas, by increasing the intake of
international students to Ireland and by attracting
students from new geographies.
Impactful research and innovation in health
sciences and education
To continually build our research capability and
optimise our research performance.
Enhanced organisational capabilities
To ensure that our people, internal processes
and capabilities, and infrastructure are best-in-
class, operationally excellent, and are capable of
supporting and enabling the delivery of our overall
Strong strategic partnerships
To develop further and leverage the relationships
we have with our internal and external partners and
stakeholders so that we can grow, achieve more,
and continue to deliver excellence in education and