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In articulating our mission and vision, and developing our
strategic priorities, we were mindful of addressing the needs
of current and future students while taking into consideration
the overall challenges in the higher education environment
in Ireland, and, indeed, the challenges facing the healthcare
profession as a whole. Our mission is `to educate, nurture
and discover for the benefit of human health'.
Education defines our primary function at RCSI. We are
here to empower and facilitate our students, to optimise
their futures as healthcare professionals and researchers.
The `nurture' imperative underlines our determination to do
more for our students than just impart knowledge. We are
deeply cognisant of our responsibility to care for, encourage,
challenge and motivate them to realise their full potential.
In mapping new pathways of discovery, our bold aspiration
is to deliver impact in research, coupled with education,
cherishing both as core RCSI activities.
The ultimate purpose of all these efforts is to maximise
the benefits for human health; the end beneficiaries of our
work in education and research are people and patients
everywhere. The term `human health' is all-encompassing
and sufficiently conveys our aspiration to advance healthcare
provision not just nationally but all over the world.
Our aspiration and ambition is for RCSI to be an institution
that is globally identifiable and respected by our peers in
third level education, by our clinical partners, by employers
of our graduates, and by our students, both current and
prospective. We want to be synonymous with excellence
as measured by the strength of student demand and the
impact of our research.
We continue to be outcome focused. Our focus is to
graduate individuals who are ready to perform to the
highest professional standards and to deliver research that is
Accomplishing RCSI's mission through
growth and excellence
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive, RCSI, outlines the principles
underlying the strategic plan for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
20132017, `Growth and Excellence', which launched in June 2013
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive, RCSI.