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and a function at the old Burlington Hotel, now known as
the Doubletree Hilton Hotel. It was a terrific weekend and
feedback already indicates that we should consider having
`Gathering' type weekends more often!
Providing a quality education, a quality experience for our
students, and high-quality training for our postgraduates
will ultimately translate to high-quality care for the patients
of Ireland and further afield. RCSI has invested heavily in a
quality agenda and has appointed Professor David Croke
in recent years as the lead in the Quality Enhancement
Office where he is supported by his colleagues Dr Richard
Arnett and Ms Ann Weadick. In recent years, we have come
through many quality assessments including, in 2011, a
rigorous assessment in relation to Degree Awarding Status
in which we had a successful outcome. We have just recently
come through a further institutional review by a six-member
international review panel commissioned by QQI.
This included a review of our Governance structures and our
undergraduate, postgraduate and research activities. It will
take some time to produce a report but the Chairman of the
Review group commented that it was "a privilege to conduct
the review in such an impressive institution with a pervasive
culture of quality". This is high praise. Professor Croke and his
team deserve our thanks and ongoing support for ensuring
that quality underpins all of our activities here at RCSI.
The success of RCSI is largely related to the tremendous
staff who work here. We have recently made some key
appointments, both on the academic and administrative side
and among these are the Professor of Medical Education,
Professor Teresa Pawlikowska. Professor Pawlikowska comes
to us from Warwick and brings a depth of experience in the
field of medical education which will rapidly put us on the
map as a major institution for research in the area of medical
education. On the administrative side, we have recruited
Orla Purcell as Associate Director of Alumni to provide
leadership and strategic direction to the Alumni Office
and ensure effective engagement with our global alumni
In delivering our core product of clinically-based medical
education, our partner hospitals and their senior clinical
staff are key to our success. We are very conscious of the,
often unheralded, low-profile role that many of our actively
teaching clinicians play in ensuring a high-quality clinical
experience for our students when they rotate to our partner
hospitals. To consolidate and develop that vital relationship,
we recently appointed Sinead Dunwoody as the Clinical
Relationship Manager. Sinead has been busy engaging with
our many teaching hospitals up and down the country and
I know that, through her work, the relationships between
our clinical teachers and the College can only be enhanced,
further improving the quality of clinical experience that our
students receive.
We are delighted to welcome our recent appointments and
hope they will quickly find our staff ethos inspiring them in
their work to enhance the overall institution.
RCSI is the key academic partner to the Dublin North East
Hospital group and we are pleased to acknowledge the
Minister of Health's appointment of Ms Anne Maher as the
Chairperson of the Board of Management for the group.
The members of the board are currently being nominated.
We look forward to rapid progression in appointing a CEO
and moving on to the exciting challenge of re-organising
our hospital and community services in the Dublin North
East Hospital group so that ultimately we will be competitive
for Trust Status, if and when that decision is made. RCSI, as
the academic partner, will have a key role in this important
It is a tremendous privilege to be President of this great
institution at this exciting time. Since its foundation in 1784,
RCSI has been about standards in education, training and
surgical practice. Our scope has expanded, but the mission
continues to be to produce high-quality medical graduates
and to train high-quality postgraduate specialists in an
environment of academic excellence, underpinned by a
commitment to research.
In adhering to this core mission, we are optimally-
placed to ensure that the care delivered to our patients,
by our medical graduates and our highly specialised
postgraduates, will be of the highest quality and
evidence-based, with readily-measurable outcomes.
Our future, as a major educational and research
healthcare institution, is secure for many decades to
come as a result of our ability to quickly adapt to the
rapidly changing healthcare vista and the quality and
innovative thinking of our wonderfully committed
staff. I wish RCSI every success for the future.
Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief
Executive, RCSI; Seán O Foghlú,
Secretary General, Department of
Education and Skills; Minister for
Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn
TD; and Professor Patrick Broe,
President, RCSI, at the International
Higher Education Forum: New
Horizons for Ireland.