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the Dunning Dripps Award for post graduate education
(2009); and the university's highest teaching honor, the
Lindback Award (2005).
"Teaching has always been one of the most fulfilling aspects
of what I do and it has informed my work on translational
research methodology and my development of the Master
of Science degree programme in the university."
Dr Meagher's specific educational interests are in the
fields of translational research methodology to graduate,
pre-, and post-doctoral students and novel modalities
for education in pharmacology to undergraduate medical
students."Translational research appeals to the problem
solver in me. The work of `translating' findings in basic
research into meaningful health outcomes is hugely
challenging but hugely satisfying too."
Dr Meagher directs the University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine pharmacology curriculum
and is Program Director for the Master of Science degree
programme in Translational Research and Co, Principal
Investigator (PI) of the Penn Clinical and Translational
Sciences Award (CTSA). Her innovative pharmacology
curriculum is fully integrated across all aspects of medical
education, including basic pharmacology, new drug design
development, and innovative therapeutic modalities such as
cancer pharmacology.
Increasingly, Dr Meagher's work is focusing more and more
on research administration and educational issues. For
example, her roles as Associate Vice Provost for Research
and an Executive Chair of the university's Institutional
Review Board (the US equivalent of an ethics committee)
is a particularly significant responsibility requiring liaison
with the research community at large and nine individual
review committees responsible for oversight of the
University's research projects and, at any given time, there
is an average of 8,000 active research projects. "I can see
the focus of my attention shifting in the years ahead. By its
nature, my work at Penn is constantly taking new directions.
That's what makes me look forward to going to work every