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The realisation of the NAEB will provide unique, modern,
inspiring and ambitious medical sciences and surgical
training facilities and will be the catalyst to enhance the
existing student amenities within the entire St. Stephen's
Green campus.
Features of NAEB include:
Space configured for 24/7 use;
A technology rich infrastructure;
State-of-the-art library over three floors;
500 plus-capacity, raked lecture theatre;
Flexible space for small group teaching;
Surgical and Clinical Skills Simulation Centre;
Sports, fitness and relaxation/social spaces;
A sustainable design; and,
Low maintenance and running
In summary, this will be a facility that cements our status
as a differentiated education provider and will protect and
enhance our premium brand.
The existing physical and educational environment on the St.
Stephen's Green campus is not sustainable. Student numbers
are at a maximum, with enormous strain on the education
system. In addition, the facilities are outdated as much of the
current offering was developed in the 1970s.
NAEB is the means to overcome the significant challenges
outlined above. The RCSI brand is strong, and demand
continues to outstrip supply for medical school places
internationally. Thus, there is a significant market for our
product. A growth in income will allow us to develop a
premium 21st century facility for students, and staff.
We can increase numbers of students by increasing the
College's physical capacity both in terms of larger lecture
theatres and by providing excellent clinical simulation
skills training on site. This will ensure that all students are
equivalently and highly trained to competency levels in the
required skills in a bespoke clinical skills simulation centre,
before they transfer to the hospital setting. This will relieve
pressure on hospital capacity and acknowledges that
patients in hospital now typically have a faster throughput.
Importantly, NAEB will allow RCSI to implement its plans
for surgery. The extended focus on skills development, in a
state-of-the art surgical training simulation facility will be an
additional reason for students to come to RCSI.
The total cost of the NAEB is in the region of 80m.
Approximately 20m has already been spent on the
initial enabling works, including the creation of what we
affectionately called the `hole in the ground' in York Street.
To complete the development from construction, to fit out,
to operation in September 2016, will cost in the region of
60m. I say `in the region', as it will be later this year before
we can start the tender process. But we know construction
costs are rising again in Ireland.
RCSI will finance this unique and inspirational investment in
the future of our students through a mixture of philanthropy,
alumni donations and the College's own financial resources.
Already, even at this early stage, Alumni have demonstrated
their enthusiasm for supporting the creation of this unique
state-of-the-art facility which will further consolidate our
premier position as a medical education provider, not only
in Ireland, but around the world. Please contact our Alumni
Office for more information on how you or your class might
support this world-class facility.
A new academic education building
an investment in the future
A new academic education building (NAEB) is an opportunity to provide a
contemporary and unique reason for students to study at RCSI. It builds on
RCSI's heritage of excellence and innovation and its historical presence on St.
Stephen's Green. It will provide a world-class facility that cements our status as a
differentiated education provider, while protecting and enhancing our premium
brand, writes Michael McGrail, Director of Corporate Strategy, RCSI
Proposed new academic education building.