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Student Michael Flanagan winning the Professor Bouchier-
Hayes medal.
Many of the sports clubs did RCSI proud at Intervarsities
this year including Archery, Athletic, Badminton, Basketball,
GAA, Hockey and Volleyball. The Ladies Squash team
brought home a welcome trophy, while the men's team
finished in a respectable third place. At the SUPA Summer
Nationals Intervarsity tournament held in Offchurch Bury
Polo Club (UK), RCSI C placed 1st, RCSI D placed 2nd and
RCSI A placed 6th in Novice 2 and Novice 1 Divisions,
Due to outstanding results produced by RCSI riders at the
National Equestrian Intervarsity Championships and the
National Equestrian Interprovincial Varsity Championships,
two RCSI students have been selected for the Irish Student
Rider Squad for international competitions. The Badminton
Club sent two teams of eight players to compete in the
intervarsity in Cork. The Intervarsity Team A managed to
make it to the quarter-finals. The team also participated at
the Penang Medical School Sports Day in UCD.
The RCSI Rugby team reigned victorious in an action-
packed, energetic match against Universitiť Pierre et Marie
Curie (San Antoine), hosted by RCSI. This annual game with
a 20-year history, rotates between Dublin and Paris.
The annual Student Life Awards were once again presented
at the College Ball. The Debating Society was named Society
of the Year ≠ they have had a very impressive year adding
the Jack Flanagan Medal in Gerontology to its latest list of
wins. Yashoda Singh and Claire Smith shared the Society
Person of the Year award for their energy and efforts as
Societies' Union Officers. The Event of the Year award was
taken home by the College's Red Cross Society for its highly
RCSI's rugby team prevailed in an action-packed match against University Pierre and Marie Curie, San Antoine.
The Peer Review Group described the
Student Services Office as:
`a well managed and high performing team,
producing and delivering services which were
both well designed and hugely valued'
(Peer Review Group Report 2012)
Current students described the Student Services
Office as follows:
They are always there to support us
They know what
we are about
They know us the best
We are proud of
them and they are proud of us
They are the voice of the
They are a great sounding board
They promote
a sense of community
Can't imagine life in RCSI without
Open door policy, that's what they do best
are always there to support us, no matter what.
(Peer Review Group Report, 2012)