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Class of 2013 at the annual graduation ceremony in the
National Concert Hall.
Katharine Harper, Serena Pisani, Sena Kilic and Elaine-Jayne Buckley.
Back row: Waasal Kareem and Michael Murray.
Middle row: Scott Donald, Guy Handelman and Daniel Hardiman.
Front row: Anas Sarham, Stephanie Mancini and Emma Carmody.
Pictured (l-r) are siblings Noor Sako, 4th year pharmacy student,
RCSI; Rana Sako, BSc Pharmacy graduate; and Zeyad Sako, RCSI
medical graduate (Class of 2013).
MPharm graduates Maria Murphy, Ciara Dennehy and
Ciara Bannon.
Class of 2013
The annual June and November conferring ceremonies
(l-r): Thunujaa Subramaniam, Sherleen Gandham and Ami Metha.