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The first female Dean of a Medical School in Ireland,
Professor McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and
Health Science, sees her role as being one of building on the
work of past generations in developing the knowledge and
skills of Faculty and students, in keeping with the College
motto Consilio Manuque (scholarship and dexterity). She
explains: "The aim is to foster RCSI as a centre of world class
education in Dublin and in our international programmes in
Bahrain, the UAE and Malaysia.
"We have a unique health sciences focus and our schools
work together well within the framework of our developing
curriculum. That curriculum is there to serve the student we
graduate, who is our primary concern. The ultimate objective
is that we enable our students to achieve the futures to
which they aspire."
Professor McGee's discipline is health psychology
and she has worked in RCSI since 1987, initially within
the Department of Psychology. Research has been an
important part of her academic career, particularly focusing
on quality of life and cardiovascular disease. That work
has informed her educational philosophy: "Those topics
have given me a perspective on the patient in health and
illness and thus on the educational needs of those we train
to deliver healthcare. It has also helped me appreciate
the primacy of an evidence-based approach to the
development of policy."
Looking ahead, the Dean says that higher education
institutions and programmes will need to distinguish
themselves in term of the quality of the education they
deliver and RCSI is well placed in this regard, because
of its long and international track record in delivering
high-quality graduates internationally. She notes: "A
key complementary aspect to an excellent programme
is a supportive and successful alumni, who are willing to
support and foster opportunities for a new generation.
And, again, we at RCSI are fortunate in having a highly
engaged and successful alumni base."
2020 vision: female perspectives on the
future of RCSI
RCSI Matters
spoke to three women with key roles in the changes that are shaping the
College of the future: Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and
Health Science; Professor Niamh Moran, Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies;
and Dr Judith Strawbridge, Programme Director of the BSc in Pharmacy
Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science.