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In the area of Teaching and Learning, several new academic
staff have been appointed. Professor Seamus Cowman takes
over as Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery. Professor
Andrew Curtain replaced Professor John Murphy as Head
of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and
Professor John Fennell replaced Professor James Finucane
as Head of the Department of Medicine. Professor Kevin
Dunne and Professor Frank Cunningham were appointed
clinical professors. Dr Patrick Walsh was appointed Senior
Lecturer in Physiology. Dr Salim Fredericks has been
appointed Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry.
For the first time, RCSI Bahrain began teaching in Aramco,
Saudi Arabia. Following an invitation from Aramco in
Dammam, 20 nurses have been accepted into RCSI Bahrain's
nursing bridging programme. Each month, staff from RCSI
Bahrain travel to Aramco to teach the 18-month programme.
A new research office was opened to strengthen
collaborations with RCSI Dublin and link with higher
education institutions in the Gulf Region. During the year,
the University received two seed grant awards from Dubai
Harvard Foundation for medical research into the prevention
of Type 2 Diabetes. In March, during a trip to Japan, the
University signed three significant research agreements
with Kochi University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and
SBI Pharmaceuticals. In the area of student research, seven
publications featured articles on research carried out by our
students. Over the summer, students conducted work on a
number of research projects.
As a healthcare provider, RCSI Bahrain is using its expertise
and working with the community to facilitate a strong and
sustainable community engagement programme. With
the help of over 130 student volunteers, the Community
Engagement Office raised awareness of diabetes through
the operation of a Diabetes Mobile Unit. Internationally, in
association with Action Ireland Trust, RCSI Bahrain sent a
team of medical students and nursing students to Lesotho
for two weeks. The trip was successful and the students
gained experience working in a third world country in a
hospital with very limited facilities. In addition, both medical
and nursing students gained important inter-professional
experience. Consequently, RCSI Bahrain, in association with
Action Ireland Trust, is launching a five-year plan to sustain
new developments in Lesotho. There are also plans to carry
out work in Vietnam in 2014.
RCSI Bahrain continues dynamic
implementation of 5-year strategic plan
Over the past year, RCSI Bahrain has continued to deliver on its five-year Strategic
Plan 2012 2017 to guide the development of the University, based on three pillars:
teaching and learning; research; and community engagement
Professor David Whitford,
Professor Sameer Otoom
and Dr Ghufran Jassim
pictured at the signing of
research agreements in
Japan for clinical research
and education between RCSI
Bahrain and Kochi University.
Mrs Julie Sprakel,
Head of Community
oversees a `Diabetic
Picnic' event for
children with
diabetes, as part
of an awareness
campaign organised
by RCSI Bahrain.
Interim President,
Professor Sameer
Otoom awarding
certificates to
students at the
2013 graduation