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Professor Brian Harvey received an Honorary Doctorate from
Michigan State University (MSU) on May 3, 2013, for his
work on the Intellectual Disabilities (DOCTRID) programme,
seeking technological solutions for those with intellectual
disabilities and autism.
Dr Garry Duffy has won a prestigious Fulbright Award to
undertake research at Harvard University.
Professor Mary Cannon was awarded the Royal Academy of
Medicine in Ireland Doctor Award in Psychiatry at the 2013
RAMI Doctor Awards ceremony in March.
In February, Professor Fergal O'Brien was elected to the
Fellowship of Engineers of Ireland (FIEI) in recognition of
"significant achievement in engineering and contributions to
the profession".
The annual Research Day took place on March 5, 2013. More than
300 researchers attended this forum. Professor Tim O'Brien, from
the National University of Ireland Galway, delivered the John J
Ryan Distinguished Guest Lecture titled `Translating Mesenchymal
Stem Cell Therapy to the Clinic: Challenges and Opportunities'.
Some of the prize-winners on what was a very successful
day included:
Mr Philip O'Halloran was recipient of the Mr Kamal
Sayed Prize in Neurosurgery, a prestigious RCSI
award, run in conjunction with the Irish Institute
of Clinical Neuroscience, which is presented to a
neurosurgery trainee to reward outstanding work and
excellence in the field of neurosurgery;
The Barnes Medal was awarded to Dr Kirsten Pohl for
Best Oral Presentation in the Early Career Investigator
Jennifer Lynch was awarded the Roche Gold Medal
for Best Oral Presentation in the PhD Scholars
Category for her talk entitled `MiR-335 suppresses
neuroblastoma disease pathogenesis';
Pathma Ramasamy was awarded the Mundipharma
Pharmaceuticals Prize for Best Oral Presentation
in the Post-graduate Scholars Category for her talk
entitled `Proteomic Analysis of Uveal Melanoma'; and,
Mr Ayman Saeed was awarded the Dr Harry
O'Flanagan Prize for Best Oral Presentation in the
Undergraduate Research Category for his talk entitled
`Effect of synthetic retinoic acid derivatives in Chronic
Lymphocytic Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma cells.'
A record 71 RCSI undergraduate students from across
campuses received funding in 2013, providing them with
an opportunity to become involved in research projects
and to attend the annual Research Summer School (RSS)
during the summer months.
Projects ranged across a broad spectrum of disciplines,
from molecular biology and cognitive science to clinical
investigation and bioethics. The vast majority of the
projects were funded through the Alumni Office, The
Charitable Infirmary Charitable Trust, the Association
of Physicians of Great Britain & Ireland, the Madeleine
Farrell Bequest, SARA Office, the Boulos Hanna
endowment for Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare and
the RCSI Research Office. The RSS was the brainchild
of Dr Sarah O'Neill and we are indebted to our alumni
who support the programme every year, providing this
wonderful opportunity and a great platform for students
to experience excellent mentorship.
We look forward to Research Day 2014 when the students
who received funding will present their work.
Research Summer School goes from strength to strength
Pictured (l-r) are Andrew Burke, Dr Safia Sayed, Dr Jacintha More O'Ferrall,
Mr Philip O'Halloran, recipient of the Mr Kamal Sayed Prize in Neurosurgery,
Professor Ray Stallings, RCSI Director of Research and Mr Amo Sayed.
Professor David Whitford and Dr Frances Meagher at
RCSI Research Day 2013.