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intensive 40-hour course is now mandatory for all new
surgical trainees and was created to immerse trainees in the
technical and non-technical skills needed as a surgeon.
RCSI launched an app for surgical trainees.
The app is a useful learning resource and includes
information and demonstrations of surgical procedures,
surgical skills and links to online libraries and books.
This is a significant development to support training in
an environment where trainees need quick access to
knowledge resources and revision.
Our overseas MRCS examination in key centres expanded
considerably during the year. The successful rollout of
the OSCE format of the exam in Ireland will support the
rollout of this format internationally next year and increase
the attractiveness of the exam for potential candidates.
In addition, RCSI Surgical Affairs is, in conjunction with
other Postgraduate Training Bodies, leading an important
revalidation programme in Qatar, having been appointed
by the Hamad Medical Corporation and The Primary Health
Care Corporation to benchmark the qualifications and
experience of almost 800 hospital and community-based
consultants in the gulf state of Qatar. Support from, and
engagement with, RCSI alumni continues to be a major
factor in facilitating the development of our international
During the year, RCSI Surgical Affairs, in line with the rest of
RCSI, implemented new brand guidelines to reinforce the
College's unique role in developing healthcare leaders who
make a difference worldwide. The magazine for Fellows
and Members was relaunched in September to represent
the views and meet the needs of Fellows and Members in
good standing with the College.
The central theme of the 2013 Millin Meeting was Surgical
Training and Practice Future Models. Over 300 attended
this conference and the Carmichael Lecture was delivered
by Irish broadcaster, journalist and rugby pundit, George
The RCSI Surgery website was reconfigured and relaunched
to meet the evolving needs of surgical practitioners,
trainees, Fellows and Members of the College.
Pictured are surgical trainees Rita Flaherty and David Milgrom at the
RCSI Surgical Bootcamp.
Pictured is Professor Arnie Hill, Head of the School of Medicine and
Professor of Surgery, RCSI with George Hook, radio journalist and
rugby pundit who delivered the 22nd Carmichael Lecture entitled
`Life Begins at 55' at the RCSI Millin Meeting.
Pictured at Charter Day 2013 are Mr. Philip O'Halloran, Ms
Kantharuby Tambirajoo and Mr. Stephen Young.
Pictured at the RCSI Millin Meetin is Dr. Leigh Anne Dageforde,
American College of Surgeons (ACS) & RCSI Exchange Fellow
who was the successful ACS recipient of the ACS-RCSI Resident
Exchange Programme for 2013.